Sunday, October 1, 2023

Perseus 6.0: Beyond Translation, a next generation Perseus Digital Library

This collection briefly introduces Perseus 6.0, the first version of Perseus 6 (Beyond Translation): Perseus 6 represents the most extensive step forward of any version since Perseus 1.0 appeared in 1992.

Perseus 6.0: Beyond Translation, a next generation Perseus Digital Library

Perseus 6.0: March 15, 2023


This collection of documents briefly introduces features offered by the Beyond Translation Project, the latest major release of the Perseus Digital Library. While Beyond Translation represents the sixth major version of Perseus (Perseus 6.0, the initial iteration of Perseus 6), this version represents the biggest change of any new version and arguably represents a new beginning for a project that began in 1985. (Jump to an overview of new features in Perseus 6.0 here.)

We announce Perseus 6.0 on March 15, 2023, five years after the release of the Scaife Viewer in 2018 and 15 years after the loss of Ross Scaife (1960-2008), a pioneer in Digital Classics and a friend to many of those whose work contributes to Perseus 6. Current NEH funding for Beyond Translation will run through August 2023. Our goal is to introduce the features that Beyond Translation offers with enough time left in the current NEH-funded phase of development so that we can respond, insofar as possible, to feedback from the community.1

James Tauber and Jacob Wegner, first as part of the Eldarion and now as members of Signum University, have, in collaboration with Perseus staff, been responsible for the software development of Perseus 6. Members of Tufts computing (such as Patrick Florance, Peter Nadel and Christopher Barnett) have contributed as well, playing key roles in planning and in thinking through our priorities...



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