Thursday, November 30, 2017

Daily Dose of Greek

Daily Dose of Greek
My name is Rob Plummer, and I am a New Testament professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.
For years, I’ve had the joy of seeing students become infected with a holy passion to read the New Testament in the original Greek. Unfortunately, many of those eager students go on to apostatize from the language they once loved. This website is my feeble effort to provide ongoing accountability to busy pastors to read Greek daily and progress in their ability.
The site has three main functions:
1) You can learn Greek “from scratch” or review fundamentals with the twenty-five video lectures posted in the “Learn Greek” section.  Lectures are keyed to D. A. Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek, 3rd ed.
2) The 2-minute “Daily Dose” video, to which students can subscribe via email. Five days per week, subscribers will be sent a link to 2-minute video in which I talk through a single Greek verse.
3) Under the “Resources” section of the webpage, you will find additional links and resources to aid in learning and using Greek.
Please continue to visit this site.  We will will always try to add resources in order to help you better read the Bible in the original Koine Greek.
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The British Museum 3D Models at Sketchfab

The British Museum 3D Models at Sketchfab
The British Museum was founded in 1753, the first national public museum in the world. From the beginning it granted free admission to all 'studious and curious persons'.

Popular models

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Open Access Journal: Revue Théologique de Louvain

Revue Théologique de Louvain
eISSN - 1783-8401  
"Founded in 1970, the Revue Théologique de Louvain is open to all areas of theology. The Journal has been under the editorial direction of Professors G. Thils, A. Houssiau, J. Ponthot, P.-M. Bogaert, A. Haquin, J. Scheuer and, since 2009, Professor C. Focant. The Journal, which publishes approximately 650 pages per year, features Articles and Short Notes, Book Reviews and Bibliographic Notices, Chronicles, and the annual International index of doctoral dissertations in Theology and Canon Law.