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Open Access Journals: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative Journals

[First posted in AWOL 31 August 2009, updated 29 July 2017]

The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative publishes three open access online journals:

Cuneiform Digital Library Journal (CDL)
ISSN 1540-8779
No. Author Title Date File
2017:1 Chen Y. & Wu Y. The Names of the Leaders and Diplomats of Marḫaši and Related Men in the Ur III Dynasty 2017/09/25 PDF
2016:2 Bonechi, M. Remarks on the Putative Source A2 of the Ebla Bilingual Lexical List 2016/12/19 PDF
2016:1 Firth, R. Synchronization of the Drehem, Nippur, and Umma Calendars During the Latter Part of Ur III 2016/12/19 PDF
2015:3 Such-Gutiérrez, M. The Texts from the 3rd Millennium BC at the Oriental Museum, University of Durham (England) 2015/10/02 PDF
2015:2 Benati, G. Re-modeling Political Economy in Early 3rd Millennium BC Mesopotamia: Patterns of Socio-Economic Organization in Archaic Ur (Tell al-Muqayyar, Iraq) 2015/10/01 PDF
2015:1 Hawkins, L. A New Edition of the Proto-Elamite Text MDP 17, 112 2015/05/02 PDF
2014:4 Kassian, A. Lexical Matches between Sumerian and Hurro-Urartian: Possible Historical Scenarios 2014/12/03 PDF
2014:3 Middeke-Conlin, R. & Proust, C. Interest, Price, and Profit: An Overview of Mathematical Economics in YBC 4698 2014/06/13 PDF
2014:2 Spada, G. Two Old Babylonian Model Contracts 2014/03/24 PDF
2014:1 Middeke-Conlin, R. The Scents of Larsa: A Study of the Aromatics Industry in an Old Babylonian Kingdom 2014/03/24 PDF
2013:3 Cripps, E. Messengers from Šuruppak 2013/07/20 PDF
2013:2 Tsouparopoulou, Ch. A Reconstruction of the Puzriš-Dagan Central Livestock Agency 2013/06/02 PDF
2013:1 Firth, R. Notes on Year Names of the Early Ur III Period: Šulgi 20-30 2013/03/18 PDF
2012:1 Ouyang, X. & Brookman, W. R. The Cuneiform Collection of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts 2012/02/20 PDF
2012:2 Damerow, P. Sumerian Beer: The Origins of Brewing Technology in Ancient Mesopotamia 2012/01/22 PDF
2011:2 Firth, R. A Discussion of the Use of im-babbar2 by the Craft Workers of Ancient Mesopotamia 2011/10/30 PDF
2011:1 Cathcart, K. J. The Earliest Contributions to the Decipherment of Sumerian and Akkadian 2011/03/03 PDF
2010:2 Adams, R. McC. Slavery and Freedom in the Third Dynasty of Ur: Implications of the Garshana Archives 2010/07/06 PDF
2010:1 Ragavan, D. Cuneiform Texts and Fragments in the Harvard Art Museum / Arthur M. Sackler Museum 2010/07/06 PDF
2009:7 Adams, R. McC. Old Babylonian Networks of Urban Notables 2009/10/26 PDF
2009:6 Widell, M. Two Ur III Texts from Umma: Observations on Archival Practices and Household Management 2009/10/24 PDF
2009:5 Lafont, B. The Army of the Kings of Ur: The Textual Evidence 2009/10/21 PDF
2009:3 Friberg, J. A Geometric Algorithm with Solutions to Quadratic Equations in a Sumerian Juridical Document from Ur III Umma 2009/09/23 PDF
2009:4 Englund, R. K. The Smell of the Cage 2009/08/21 PDF
2009:2 Robson, E. & Clark, K. The Cuneiform Tablet Collection of Florida State University 2009/07/19 PDF
2009:1 Proust, C. Numerical and Metrological Graphemes: From Cuneiform to Transliteration 2009/06/22 PDF
2008:2 Hilgert, M. Cuneiform Texts in the Collection of St. Martin Archabbey Beuron 2008/07/07 PDF
2008:1 Adams, R. McC. An Interdisciplinary Overview of a Mesopotamian City and its Hinterlands 2008/03/25 PDF
2007:1 Seri, A. The Mesopotamian Collection in the Kalamazoo Valley Museum 2007/08/25 PDF
2006:3 Richardson, S. F. C. gir3-gen-na and Šulgi’s “Library”: Liver Omen Texts in the Third Millennium BC (I) 2006/08/06 PDF
2006:2 Johnson, J. C. The Ur III Tablets in the Valdosta State University Archives 2006/04/24 PDF
2006:1 Damerow, P. The Origins of Writing as a Problem of Historical Epistemology 2006/01/28 PDF
2005:3 Dahl, J. L. Complex Graphemes in Proto-Elamite 2005/06/19 PDF
2005:2 Friberg, J. On the Alleged Counting with Sexagesimal Place Value Numbers in Mathematical Cuneiform Texts from the Third Millennium B.C. 2005/06/14 PDF
2005:1 Monaco, S. Unusual Accounting Practices in Archaic Mesopotamian Tablets 2005/05/01 PDF
2004:2 Widell, M. The Calendar of Neo-Sumerian Ur and Its Political Significance 2004/07/14 PDF
2004:1 Heimpel, W. AO 7667 and the Meaning of ba-an-gi4 2004/01/12 PDF
2003:5 Chambon, G. Archaic Metrological Systems from Ur 2003/12/23 PDF
2003:4 Hilgert, M. New Perspectives in the Study of Third Millennium Akkadian 2003/08/26 PDF
2003:3 Michalowski, P. An Early Dynastic Tablet of ED Lu A from Tell Brak (Nagar) 2003/03/05 PDF
2003:2 Widell, M. The Ur III calendar(s) of Tūram-ilī 2003/02/20 PDF
2003:1 Englund, R. K. The Year: "Nissen returns joyous from a distant island" 2003/02/15 PDF
2002:2 Widell, M. A Previously Unpublished Lawsuit from Ur III Adab 2002/09/27 PDF
2002:1 Englund, R. K. The Ur III Collection of the CMAA 2002/09/11 PDF

Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin (CDLB)

ISSN 1540-8760
No. Author Title Date File
2017:1 Alivernini, S. Nine Unpublished Texts in the Collection of the British Museum 2017/08/19 PDF
2016:2 Firth, R. Some Comments on “Drehem Tablets” in the British Museum 2016/11/24 PDF
2016:1 Brumfield, S. & Allred, L. The Cuneiform Tablet Collection of the Los Angeles Unified School District 2016/11/24 PDF
2015:6 Brunke, H. Embedded Structures: Two Mesopotamian Examples 2015/12/25 PDF
2015:5 Liu Ch. & Nielsen, J. Cuneiform Texts in the Special Collections of Knox College 2015/11/17 PDF
2015:4 Firth, R. Notes on Ur III Period Textile Tablets from Ur 2015/11/13 PDF
2015:3 Freedman, I. The Marduk Star Nēbiru 2015/11/08 PDF
2015:2 Bartash, V. On the Sumerian City UB-meki, the Alleged “Umma” 2015/11/04 PDF
2015:1 Daneshmand, P. & Abdoli, M. A New King of Susa and Anshan 2015/02/16 PDF
2014:5 Miglio. A. Ur III Tablets in the Wheaton College Archaeology Museum 2014/12/05 PDF
2014:4 Földi, Zs. & Head, R. Two Tablets from the Johns Hopkins University Collection 2014/11/30 PDF
2014:3 Reid, N. & Wagensonner, K. “My tooth aches so much” 2014/08/31 PDF
2014:2 Maidman, M. P. An Important New Early-Middle-Assyrian Letter 2014/08/03 PDF
2014:1 Andersson, J. Third Millennium Cuneiform Texts in a Swedish Private Collection 2014/05/21 PDF
2013:3 Földi, Zsombor Gleanings from the Antiquities Market: A Contribution to the Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Royal Inscriptions 2013/12/28 PDF
2013:2 Owen, D. I. Of Dogs and (Kennel)Men 2013/10/26 PDF
2013:1 Siddall, L. R. The Royal Inscriptions in the Museum of Ancient Cultures at Macquarie University, Sydney 2013/08/02 PDF
2012:3 Notizia, P. & Ludovico, A. A New Ur III Letter-Order from the Semitic Museum at Harvard University 2012/11/23 PDF
2012:2 Liu Ch. Six Ur III Tablets from the Special Collections of the University of Missouri-Columbia 2012/09/20 PDF
2012:1 Abrahami, P. & Lion, B. Remarks to W. Mayer’s Catalogue of the Nuzi Palace Texts 2012/06/16 PDF
2011:2 Brumfield, S. The Term ab2-RI-e in Ur III Sources 2011/03/09 PDF
2011:1 Abrahami, P. Masculine and Feminine Personal Determinatives before Women’s Names at Nuzi: A Gender Indicator of Social or Economic Independence? 2011/02/19 PDF
2010:1 Metcalf, Ch. Six Ur III Tablets from the Hulin Collection in Oxford 2010/04/15 PDF
2007:2 Allred, L. & Gadotti, A. The Cuneiform Collection of the Clinton Historical Society 2007/12/30 PDF
2007:1 Adams, R. McC. The Limits of State Power on the Mesopotamian Plain 2007/12/25 PDF
2006:2 Veldhuis, N. Another Early Dynastic Incantation 2006/04/23 PDF
2006:1 Monaco, S. F. N16 in the Archaic Texts 2006/01/02 PDF
2004:4 Veldhuis, N. ḪI-(še3) la2 2004/12/20 PDF
2004:3 Monaco, S. F. Revisiting Jemdet Nasr Texts: IM 55580+ 2004/09/01 PDF
2004:2 Johnson, C. Two Ur III Tablets from the Tulare County Library 2004/06/14 PDF
2004:1 Wunsch, C. An Early Achaemenid Administrative Text from Uruk 2004/04/05 PDF
2003:6 Veldhuis, N. Entering the Netherworld 2003/09/02 PDF
2003:5 Dahl, J. L. A Note on Ur III Text Duplicates 2003/06/30 PDF
2003:4 Nathan, D. L. A "New" Proto-Cuneiform Tablet 2003/03/28 PDF
2003:3 Taylor, J. J. Collations to ED Lu C and D 2003/02/25 PDF
2003:2 Fitzgerald, M. A. pisan dub-ba and the Direction of Cuneiform Script 2003/02/24 PDF
2003:1 Englund, R. K. Worcester Slaughterhouse Account 2003/01/28 PDF
2002:3 Lafont, B. The Toponym Ligriki 2002/09/11 PDF
2002:2 Englund, R. K. Notes on SET 274 2002/05/03 PDF
2002:1 Dahl, J. L. Proto-Elamite Sign Frequencies 2002/04/29 PDF
Cuneiform Digital Library Notes (CDLN)
ISSN 1546-6566
CDLN 2016:3
Zsombor Földi: For the Life of the King:
A Votive Offering to a Family God
CDLN 2015:18
Gábor Zólyomi: Some Material Concerning the Meetings of the Sumerian Grammar Discussion Group
CDLN 2015:17
Strahil V. Panayotov: The Gottstein System Implemented on a Digital Middle and Neo-Assyrian Palaeography
CDLN 2015:15
Don Arp, Jr.: An Ur III Tablet in the Archives and Special Collections of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries
CDLN 2015:14
Richard Firth: On the “Joys of Cooking in Ur III Babylonia”
CDLN 2015:13
Klaus Wagensonner: A note on a new manuscript of ED Lu2 A
and its colophon
CDLN 2015:12
Armando Bramanti: The Cuneiform Stylus. Some Addenda
CDLN 2015:11
Xianhua Wang: Seal Type A on Clay Bullae from the
Cornell University Collections
CDLN 2015:10
Richard Firth: A note on groups of forged copies of
Ur III tablets from Girsu
CDLN 2015:9
Emmert Clevenstine: MAH 15886 + 16295,
a Rim-Sin Tabular Account in Geneva
CDLN 2015:8
Klaus Wagensonner: A, B, C, ... Word List Z
CDLN 2015:7
Strahil V. Panayotov: The tablet of the Middle Assyrian ‘coronation’ ritual: the placement of VAT 10113
and the displacement of VAT 9978
CDLN 2015:6
Klaus Wagensonner: A legal text at the Russell Library,
Maynooth University
CDLN 2015:5
Troels Pank Arbøll: A curious Ur III Tablet at the University of Copenhagen: Notes on the History of Pinches’ Collection
and an Official named Abbagina
CDLN 2015:4
Armando Bramanti: A Jemdet Nasr Fragment in the Collections of the Oriental Institute of Chicago
CDLN 2015:3
Klaus Wagensonner: Turning the Laws of Ur-Namma
CDLN 2015:2
Strahil V. Panayotov and Kostadin Kissiov: An administrative tablet from Puzriš-Dagān
in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
CDLN 2015:1
Klaus Wagensonner: On an alternative way of capturing RTI images
with the camera dome
CDLN 2014:26
Richard Firth: Notes on composite seals in CDLI
CDLN 2014:25
Changyu Liu and Camille Lecompte: Addenda to Akkadica 134/1
CDLN 2014:24
Klaus Wagensonner: Addendum to CDLN 2014:015
CDLN 2014:23
Ingo Schrakamp: Sargonic texts from Adab in the CDLI database
CDLN 2014:22
Camille Lecompte: Suggestions and corrections to ATFU
3. Again on EREN2+S. 161bki
CDLN 2014:21
Camille Lecompte: Suggestions and corrections to ATFU
2. Addenda and errata 
CDLN 2014:20
Camille Lecompte: Suggestions and corrections to ATFU
1. On goats and sheep during the ED I-II period
CDLN 2014:19
Klaus Wagensonner: A note on the colophon of VAT 9487
CDLN 2014:18
Klaus Wagensonner: Elamites in Edinburgh
CDLN 2014:17
Changyu Liu: Notes on Elamites
and the date of three Drehem texts
CDLN 2014:16
Jacob L. Dahl: Corrections to J. L. Dahl,
“A Babylonian Gang of Potters”
CDLN 2014:15
Klaus Wagensonner: Lu2 A Again!
CDLN 2014:14
Ingo Schrakamp: On the reading of a-dam-DUNki
CDLN 2014:13
Klaus Wagensonner: Some notes on a Middle Assyrian letter
CDLN 2014:12
Lance Allred: Girsu Labor Assignments Revisited
CDLN 2014:11
Kamran V. Zand: What happened to Zuzu, King of Akšak?
CDLN 2014:10
Klaus Wagensonner: Šul-pa’e Re-joined
CDLN 2014:9
Christina Tsouparopoulou: A note on Ur III administrative procrastination
CDLN 2014:8
Klaus Wagensonner: Digitizing in the round
CDLN 2014:7
Moudhy Al-Rashid: A Note on the Meaning of hūṣu and huṣṣu
CDLN 2014:6
Changyu Liu: A Note on the Regular Offering to Ninlil at Tummal
CDLN 2014:5
Changyu Liu: A Note on gal-tab-bu-um
CDLN 2014:4
Robert K. Englund: Seals and Sealing in CDLI files
CDLN 2014:3
Alexandra Kleinerman: A new “Letter to the Generals”
CDLN 2014:2
Zsombor Földi: The Sad Story of a Sumerian Statue:
The Destruction of Šū-Suen 7
CDLN 2014:1
Jacob L. Dahl: The proto-Elamite seal MDP 16, pl. XII fig. 198
CDLN 2013:1
Jakob Andersson: An Ur III Messenger text from Umma
in the Haldar collection
CDLN 2012:6
Jacob L. Dahl: New and old joins in the Louvre proto-Elamite tablet collection
CDLN 2012:5
Jerrold S. Cooper: A wine debt from Emar
CDLN 2012:4
David I. Owen: Additions and corrections to Owen, “Supplemental Texts ...” (CUSAS 6, pp. 233-334)
CDLN 2012:3
Robert K. Englund, Peter Damerow, Jürgen Renn, Stephen J. Tinney, and Bertrand Lafont: A note to clarify CDLI’s policy of open access, and of fair use of published images of cuneiform inscriptions
CDLN 2012:2
Zsombor Földi: The career of a high-ranking official in Larsa:
on CUSAS 17, 54
CDLN 2012:1
Robert K. Englund: Citing CDLI
CDLN 2011:6
Robert K. Englund: Notes on KIDa
CDLN 2011:5
Sara Brumfield: Two Early Dynastic Capacity Standards
CDLN 2011:4
Robert K. Englund: The State of CDLI’s Ur III Transliterations
CDLN 2011:3
Robert K. Englund: A Note on one of Kazuya Maekawa’s Ur III Contributions
CDLN 2011:2
Charles Halton: Weighing Officials at Ur III Umma
CDLN 2011:1
Gábor Zólyomi: Lipit-Eštar and the Moat of Isin:
A Reconstructed Cone Inscription
CDLN 2010:5
Jerrold S. Cooper: Blind Workmen, Weaving Women and Prostitutes in Third Millennium Babylonia
CDLN 2010:4
Robert K. Englund: Recently Published Catalogues of Cuneiform Collections
CDLN 2010:3
Lance Allred: More Šu-Suen Seals
During the Reign of Amar-Suen
CDLN 2010:2
Gábor Zólyomi: On G. Marchesi’s understanding of
Eanatum 5 v 9-17
CDLN 2010:1
Yuhong Wu: Differentiating Šulgi 43 and Amar-Suen 4
CDLN 2007:2
Robert K. Englund: A Minnesota Estate
CDLN 2007:1
Robert K. Englund: New Hits for Erlenmeyer 152
CDLN 2006:2
Robert K. Englund: Three Texts from Uqair
CDLN 2006:1
Rikke Wulff Krabbenhøft: Accession Numbers of the Royal Ontario Museum
CDLN 2005:1
Stefania Altavilla: An Account of Vegetable Oil from Girsu
CDLN 2003:3
Wolfgang Heimpel: gu-nigin2, “bale”
CDLN 2003:2
Niek Veldhuis: The Sumerian word na-IZI
CDLN 2003:1
Wolfgang Heimpel: The Akkadian Personal Name DI-NI-NI
 Cuneiform Digital Library Preprints

CDLI is pleased to present here the results of research in progress submitted, for inclusion in a preprint series hosted by the project, by experts in fields associated with Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology. We anticipate that these papers in their final form will eventually be available in journals (in some cases our own) or in edited volumes; or will, by authors' preference, remain unpublished in the formal sense, so that this may be a final venue for work that might otherwise remain unnoticed in the field. Authors who are interested in submitting contributions to the CDLP should be generally aware of the editorial policies of the journals CDLJ & CDLB; while submissions in English are preferred, CDLP does, however, accept preprints in the other major languages of academic communication. Significant and nearly complete, or dormant research papers are particularly welcome, regardless of their length and scope. Authors should make their submissions in both originating text-processor/layout file, and in the PDF format in which it will be made available here. International A4 or US letter format are both allowed, portrait or landscape. In most cases, if the submission is acceptable for distribution, we will merely add a lead page of the form visible in the files listed below. We invite interested authors to make use of this series to communicate their research to a broader community in advance or in stead of undertaking the rigors of a peer-reviewed standard publication, and we hope the feedback that results from a paper’s dissemination through CDLP contributes to its ultimate impact.
A paper can be updated with a simple new submission by the author(s); to retain a sense of the history of research, we will list new versions one after the other with new “Date posted;” we limit such updates to one (1) per calendar year following the initial posting. We will not retire CDLP entries that move on to formal publications; rather, we request that authors send us notice and citation of the publication, that will be entered to our list for easy reference.
The CDLP is under the editorial supervision of Bertrand Lafont (CNRS, Nanterre), to whom queries and submissions should be directed.
No.   Author Title Date posted Download file
1.0 Huber, Peter J. On the Old Babylonian Understanding of Sumerian Grammar 2015/09/03 PDF
1.1 Huber, Peter J. On the Old Babylonian Understanding of Sumerian Grammar 2016/04/01 PDF
1.2 Huber, Peter J. On the Old Babylonian Understanding of Sumerian Grammar 2017/01/01 PDF
2.0 Foxvog, Daniel A. Introduction to Sumerian Grammar 2016/01/04 PDF
3.0 Foxvog, Daniel A. Elementary Sumerian Glossary 2016/01/04 PDF
4.0 Panayotov, Strahil V. „Die Lampe am Krankenbett“. Untersuchungen zu altorientalischen Gebeten an den Lichtgott Nuska 2016/01/23 PDF
5.0 Proust, Christine Floating calculation in Mesopotamia 2016/05/02 PDF
6.0 Kaula, Jörg „Nachdem das Königtum vom Himmel herabgekommen war…“. Untersuchungen zur Sumerischen Königsliste 2016/11/21 PDF