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Open Access Journal: Hyperboreus: Bibliotheca Classica Petropolitana

 [First poted in AWOL 7 August 2014, updated 15 October 2018]

Hyperboreus: Bibliotheca Classica Petropolitana
ISSN: 0949-2615
Hyperboreus was founded by the Bibliotheca classica Petropolitana in 1994 as the first academic journal in Russia since the 1917 revolution specializing in the field of classical studies. Scholars from the Classical Department of St. Petersburg State University, the St. Petersburg Institute of History (Russian Academy of Sciences) and St. Petersburg classical Gymnasium participated in the foundation of the journal. The editors value highly the support and advice of many Western European and American scholars during the foundation and subsequent activities of Hyperboreus.

The aims of Hyperboreus are to advance the study of classical antiquity in Russia and to encourage international cooperation in this field by publishing original articles and reviews of books in Russian, English, German, French, Italian, and Latin. The editors invite contributions in all areas of classical scholarship (language and literature, history, philosophy and sciences, papyrology, epigraphy, archaeology, arts) based primarily on the interpretation of classical sources.

Hyperboreus also aims at throwing light upon archaeological excavations of the classical sites on the Northern coast of the Black Sea region.
Hyperboreus, основанный Античным кабинетом. в 1994 г., является первым в России после закрытия ЖМНП (1917) научным журналом, специально посвященным изучению классической древности. В создании журнала важную роль играли сотрудники кафедры классической филологии Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета и Санкт-Петербургской классической гимназии. Ученые-антиковеды ряда западноевропейских и американских университетов и научных центров оказали неоценимую поддержку при учреждении журнала и в ходе его становления.

Журнал стремится содействовать развитию всех областей антиковедения и укреплению международного научного сотрудничества, ставя своей целью публикацию высококвалифицированных ранее не издававшихся исследований и критических рецензий на русском, латинском, английском, немецком, французском и итальянском языках. Приветствуется публикация в журнале отечественными учеными своих исследований на западноевропейских языках. Журнал принимает статьи по всем разделам антиковедения — классическим языкам и литературе, античной истории, истории философии и науки, эпиграфике, папирологии, археологии и истории искусства, — отдавая предпочтение исследованиям, в основе которых лежит анализ источников. Редакция с готовностью предоставляет страницы журнала для рецензий на научные труды по антиковедению. 

«Hyperboreus» стремится освещать результаты археологических исследований в Северном Причерноморье.

New Mailing List - Digital Paleography and Ancient Document Analysis

D-Scribes List - Digital Paleography and Ancient Document Analysis
D-Scribes List is a non-commercial mailing list aiming to connect people interested in Digital Humanities, especially in the fields of Digital Palaeography (Computerized Classification, letter/sign shape comparison), Writer Identification and Ancient Document Analysis (layout, alignment, shape of the fragments, annotating tools). Its creation takes place in the four years SNSF Ambizione project in Basel University: "Reuniting fragments, identifying scribes and characterizing scripts: the Digital paleography of Greek and Coptic papyri".

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Mailinglist Archives.

Open Access Journal: Studia Hercynia: Journal of the Institute of Classical Archaeology

Studia Hercynia: Journal of the Institute of Classical Archaeology
ISSN: 1212-5865 (print)
ISSN: 2336-8144 (online)
Studia Hercynia is a biannual peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the study of the material culture of Antiquity, on relations between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, on the traditions of ancient art in European culture, and other related phenomena. The journal aims to advance Classical Archaeology and associated disciplines, both in the Czech Republic and internationally.
The journal was founded in 1997 by Prof. Jan Bouzek under the Institute of Classical Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, at the Charles University.

Since 2015 Studia Hercynia is an Open Access journal with online content freely available to the readers under the CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license. Full articles are available on the internet to all readers immediately upon publication and their further non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited.
No fees are charged for the manuscript submission, processing, and publication.
I. Peer‑reviewed studies
„The Ionians at War?“ Die Waffenweihungen in den ionischen Heiligtümern und das Apollon‑Heiligtum von Didyma (Marek Verčík), p. 7-26

Thirty Years of Interdisciplinary Research at the Site of Pistiros (Lenka Parvoničová – Jan Bouzek), p. 27-39

One Authority – One Idea – One Order. The Monetary System of the Amber Road as a Testimony of Greek Influence on Social and Economic Activities of Central European Celts (Tomáš Smělý), p. 40-80

On the Production and Distribution of the Ceramic Building Material in Vindobona (Tomáš Janek), p. 81-96

II. Reports
Yurta‑Stroyno Archaeological Project. Preliminary Report to the Final Season of 2016 (Petra Tušlová – Barbora Weissová – Stefan Bakardzhiev), p. 99-112

Metal and Glass Small Finds from Yurta‑Stroyno, Season 2016: Selected Finds (Viktoria Čisťakova), p. 113-120

Archaeological Survey in the Eastern Kugitang Piedmonts (South Uzbekistan), Preliminary Report for Seasons 2016 and 2017 (Ladislav Stančo – Shapulat Shaydullaev – Alisher Shaydullaev – Anna Augustinová – Jakub Havlík – Petra Cejnarová), p. 121-138

Archaeological Survey in the Oases of Maydon and Goz in the Piedmont of the Kugitang Mountains (South Uzbekistan) – Preliminary Report for Season 2017 (Anna Augustinová – Ladislav Stančo – Ladislav Damašek – Odiljon Khamidov – Tobiáš Kolmačka – Shapulat Shaydullaev), p. 139-159

Kurgans of the Eastern Kugitang Piedmonts: Preliminary Report for Season 2017 (Jakub Havlík – Ladislav Stančo – Hana Havlíková), p. 160-182

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Open Access Journal: Ad Familiares – Classics for All’s online journal

[First posted in AWOL 29 September 20 2017, updated 14 October 2018]

Ad Familiares – Classics for All’s online journal
Image result for Classics for All
Welcome to Ad Familiares, our exclusive online journal. We will be publishing one article a month of current classical interest, commissioned by James Morwood (Wadham College, Oxford). We plan to add a new article every month. If any member of Classics for all would like to contribute a piece, could he or she please contact the editor at james.morwood at

Cuneiform Commentaries Project Newsletter (October 2018)

Cuneiform Commentaries Project Newsletter (October 2018)
October 14, 2018
Dear subscribers,
We wish to notify you of several new texts that have recently been added to the online editions of the Cuneiform Commentaries Project (, a list of which is provided below.
In addition, a total of 1,172 new photographs of tablets housed at the British Museum, taken by Mary Frazer in February 2018, have been uploaded to the website.
You are warmly invited to contribute any editions of commentary tablets you may have made for publication on the CCP website, for which you will, of course, receive full credit.
All the best,
The CCP Team
CCP 2.1.B (Šurpu, Medical text (?) B): The upper portion of the obverse of a two-column commentary in tabular-format. While the entries in ll. 1-21 of column 1 are drawn from Šurpu II, III and IV, the precise identity of the source of the subsequent entries is unclear. (Read more)
CCP 2.1.C (Tummu bītu, Šurpu 2 C): A fairly well preserved one-column tablet found among numerous other tablets in a private house in Aššur explains portions from Tummu bītu, an Akkadian incantation preventing evil spirits from entering the house, and from the second tablet of the magical compendium Šurpu, an eight-tablet series of rituals and incantations accompanying the magical rubbing of a patient, and the burning (šurpu) of the skin particles removed in the process. (Read more)
CCP 3.1.58.A.b (Enūma Anu Enlil 58(59)-62(63) Group B A): A mukallimtu commentary from Nineveh on 24 omens1 derived from the appearance and behaviour of Venus. As is typical of mukallimtu commentaries in Neo-Assyrian script from Nineveh, the lines following the first line of a new entry are all indented. The terminology of the rubric is used to describe eleven other commentaries from Nineveh, all on different Chapters of EAE. (Read more)
CCP 3.9.u8 (Divination, Uncertain): This small fragment, classified as a “scholarly text” in the catalogue of the Kuyunjik Collection,1 preserves meager remains of a tabular commentary. Interestingly, ll. 3′–5′ duplicate the large commentary tablet K.4387 r. ii 51–53 (2R 47 = CCP 3.1.u72). (Read more)
CCP 3.9.u7 (Enūma Anu Enlil 5 (?)): This small fragment contains remains of a commentary on an astrological text. It is divided in two sections by a ruling after line 4′. (Read more)
CCP 6.1.2 (Aa I/2): The present text is a fragment of a fairly large multi-column tablet with at least two columns per side. Each column is divided into three subcolumns: (1) pronunciation, (2) logogram, and (3) Akkadian equivalent. Based on the entries still extant on the fragment, the inscribed side can be identified as the tablet’s reverse. The entries are based on Aa I/2. (Read more)
CCP 6.1.17 (Aa III/2): This small fragment of the lower left corner of a tablet was found by Hormuzd Rassam at the Babylonian site of Jimjima and entered the collection of the British Museum in 1881. Unfortunately, nothing of its subscript or colophon is preserved, but its entries refer clearly to the 3rd tablet of the lexical series Ea. (Read more)
CCP 6.2.1 (Diri 1): This small fragment in the Yale Babylonian Collection preserves the lower right corner of a tablet with entries of the first tablet of Diri. Eckart Frahm1 suggested that this fragment can eventually be considered a commentary on this lexical series. (Read more)
CCP 6.2.7.B (Weidner’s God List / Diri 7 (?)): The multi-column tablet VAT 10220 (+) VAT 10249 (KAV 46 and 47) was found in the “House of the Exorcist” in Assur and dates to the late Neo-Assyrian period. There are several possible base texts: the Weidner God List (WGL), the extended sign syllabary Diri, or the sign syllabary Ea. (Read more)

Open Access Journal: Crisia

[First posted in AWOL 24 November 2011, updated 14 October 2018]

ISSN: 1016–2798

“Crisia” is a publication of the Ţării Crişurilor Museum in Oradea and it was founded by Prof. Dr. Sever Dumitraşcu. The annual of Oradea experienced three distinct phases in its development: 1971-1983, 1984-1989 and after 1990. In the first period “Crisia” was exclusively a publication of the department of history team of the museum of Oradea. During the period of 1984 - 1989, by abolishing the other magazines of the institution, “Biharea” and “Nimphaea”, “Crisia” remained the only annual of this. After 1990 things returned to normal, “Crisia” becomes a prestigious publication, of wide intellectual breathing, open to the collaborators from country and abroad, the last numbers capture this reality abundantly.

The stated goal of the magazine is that of publishing the results of the history and archeology researches, by studies and materials relating primarily to Bihor County but, also to other areas. By valorizing some unpublished and interesting information, it has greatly contributed to the development of the Transylvanian historiography. The materials present in the magazine have a balanced epoch layout. In time, during the 40 years of existence, “Crisia” noted itself firstly by constant. Few publications of this type had annual appearances as systematic as the annual of Oradea. This proves once again the seriousness and readiness to researching of the historians’ team of the department of history of the museum of Oradea.

The Archive of the Crisia magazine

From the following link you can download the abstracts of the articles included in the editions of the last four years of the journal: Abstracts 2008-2011

Crisia 2017, XLVII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2017This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Gruia FAZECAŞ, Cristina Elena CORDOŞ, Marian LIE, Florin GOGÂLTAN, Călin GHEMIŞ, Gruia FAZECAȘ, Doru MARTA, Cristian Ioan POPA, Ioan CRIŞAN, Adriano PAPO, Gizella NEMETH, Diana IANCU, Florina CIURE, Augustin MUREŞAN, Mirela Popa-ANDREI, Răzvan Mihai NEAGU, Florin ARDELEAN, Veronica TURCUŞ, Şerban TURCUŞ, Cristian CULICIU, Iuliu-Marius MORARIU, Roland OLAH, Gabriel MOISA.
detailed view

Crisia 2016, XLVI

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2016This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Călin GHEMIŞ, Ioan CRIŞAN, Răzvan Mihai NEAGU, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, SZABÓ József, M. Marcella FERRACCIOLI, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Florina CIURE, Tiberiu Alexandru CIORBA, Augustin MUREŞAN, Ronald HOCHHAUSER, NAGY István, Mirela POPA ANDREI, Cornelia ROMÂNAŞU, Mirela MOCAN, Cristian CULICIU, Mircea POPA, Gabriel MOISA.
detailed view

Crisia 2015, XLV

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2015This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: M. Marcella FERRACCIOLI, Gianfranco GIRAUDO.
detailed view

Crisia 2015, XLV

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2015This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Gruia Traian FAZECAŞ, Doru Mircea MARTA, Corina TOMA, Augustin MUREŞAN, Ioan CRIŞAN, Tiberiu Alexandru CIORBA, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, Răzvan Mihai NEAGU, Andrea FARA, M. Marcella FERRACCIOLI, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Florina CIURE, Ciprian-Doru RIGMAN, Doina-Gabriela ANANIE, Sorin FARCAŞ, Gabriel MOISA, Iudita Căluşer, Sabina HORVATH, Petru ARDELEAN, Cosmin CHIRIAC, Liviu BUCUR.
detailed view

Crisia 2014, XLIV

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2014This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Gruia Traian FAZECAŞ, Doru Mircea MARTA, Călin GHEMIŞ, Tudor RUS, Robert KOVACS, Ioan CRIŞAN, Răzvan Mihai NEAGU, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, BUDAHÁZY István, Alexandru POP, Ioan CIORBA, Klementina ARDELEAN, Augustin MUREŞAN, Blaga MIHOC, Cristian CONSTANTIN, Doina-Gabriela ANANIE, Gabriel MOISA, Sorin FARCAŞ.
detailed view

Crisia 2013, XLIII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2013This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Ioan F. Pop, Corina TOMA, Răzvan Mihai NEAGU, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Ioan CRIŞAN, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, Alexandru POP, Augustin MUREŞAN, Carmen GÎRDAN, M. Marcella FERRACCIOLI, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Blaga MIHOC, Eugen Radu SAVA, Doina-Gabriela ANANIE, Gabriel MOISA, Marin POP, Camelia BURGHELE.
detailed view

Crisia 2012, XLII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2012This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: George Tomegea, Ioan F. Pop, Ioan Crişan, Gizella Nemeth, Adriano Papo, Călin Ghemiş, Constantin Iosif Zgardan, Ciprian-Doru Rigman, Szabó József, Florina Ciure, Lucia Cornea, Cipriana Sucilă-Pahoni, M. Marcella Ferraccioli, Gianfranco Giraudo, Cornelia Romînaşu, Mihai Georgiţă, Doina-Gabriela Ananie, Ion Zainea, Cristina Puşcaş, Adriana Ruge, Daciana Erzse, Gabriel Moisa, Camelia Burghele, Florin Sfrengeu.
detailed view

Crisia 2011, XLI

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2011This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Florin Gogâltan, Cristian Ioan Popa, Călin GHEMIŞ, Jean CLOTTES, Bernard GELY, Francoise PRUD’HOMME, Sanda BĂCUEŢ-CRIŞAN, Ioan F. POP, Florin SFRENGEU, Ioan CRIŞAN, Dan BĂCUEŢ-CRIŞAN, Doru Marta, Călin Ghemiş, Adriano PAPO, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Florina CIURE, Edith Bodo, Ioan GOMAN, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Gabriela ANANIE, Elena Csobai, Emilia Martin, Cornelia ROMÂNAŞU, Radu ROMÂNAŞU, Corina MOISA, Gabriel MOISA, Lucia CORNEA, Mihaela GOMAN, Antonio FAUR, Ovidiu PASCU, Ion ZAINEA.
detailed view

Crisia 2010, XL

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2010This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Ioan Godea, Tereza Mozes, Gabriel Moisa, Aurel Chiriac, Cosmin Chiriac, Gruia Fazecaş, Barbu Ştefănescu, Ioan Crişan, Doru Marta, Sorin Bulzan.
detailed view

Crisia 2010, XL

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2010This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Gruia FAZECAŞ, Carol KACSÓ, Sorin BULZAN, Doru MARTA, Ioan CRIŞAN, Corina TOMA, Alexandru SIMON, Marcella FERRACCIOLI, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, Florin ARDELEAN, Florian DUDAŞ, Florina CIURE, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Cristian APATI, Ioan CIORBA, Petru ARDELEAN, Radu MILIAN, Marius-Răzvan MESZAR, Gabriel MOISA, Cornelia ROMÎNAŞU, Radu ROMÎNAŞU, Adriana RUGE, Lucia CORNEA, Ioan F. POP, Iudita CĂLUŞER, Olimpia MUREŞAN, Nicolae NISTOROIU.
detailed view

Crisia 2009, XXXIX

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2009This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Cristian I. POPA, Viorel ŞTEFU, Victor Sava, Gruia FAZECAŞ, Carol Kacsó, Marius Ardeleanu, Ioan CRIŞAN, Doru MARTA, EMÕDI János, Corina TOMA, LAKATOS Attila, Alexandru SIMON, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Adriano PAPO, Gizella NEMETH, Florina Ciure, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Blaga MIHOC, Florian KÜHRER, Mihai D. DRECIN, Gabriel MOISA, Constantin MĂLINAŞ, Iudita CĂLUŞER, Lucia CORNEA, Artur LAKATOS, Corneliu CRĂCIUN.
detailed view

Crisia 2008, XXXVIII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2008This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Ioan Crişan, Gruia Fazecaş, Sorin BULZAN, LAKATOS-BALLA Attila, Doru MARTA, Iulian-Mihai DAMIAN, Gabriel-Virgil RUSU, Adrian MAGINA, Cristian APATI, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Lucia CORNEA, Constantin MĂLINAŞ, Gabriel MOISA, Corneliu CRĂCIUN, Lucian JORA, EMÕDI János.
detailed view

Crisia 2007, XXXVII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2007This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Călin GHEMIŞ, Emilian Teleagă - mit einem Beitrag von Nicolae Miriţoiu, Sever DUMITRAŞCU, Corina TOMA, Sorin BULZAN, Alexandru CIORBA, Ioan CRIŞAN, Daniela-Monica MITEA, Alexandru SIMON, Florina CIURE, Petru ARDELEAN, Corneliu CRĂCIUN, Constantin MĂLINAŞ, Gabriel MOISA, Lucia CORNEA, Blaga MIHOC.
detailed view

Crisia 2006, XXXVI

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2006This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Doina IGNAT, Ioan CRIŞAN, Călin GHEMIŞ, Corina TOMA, Sorin Bulzan, Florina CIURE, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Liviu BORCEA, Ioan CIORBA, Radu MILIAN, Corneliu CRĂCIUN, Andreea JUDE, Alexandru POP, Constantin Mălinaş, Lucia CORNEA, Gabriel Moisa, Augustin Ţărău.
detailed view

American Numismatic Society Publications Online

 [First posted in AWOL 25 March 2015, updated 14 October 2018]

American Numismatic Society
540 American Numismatic Society publications are now available in the Hathi Trust Digital Library as full-text for free use by the public.
In a sweeping effort to make its older and out-of‐print publications available to the public as Open Access, The American Numismatic Society has partnered with HathiTrust ( As a result of this partnership scans of nearly 550 ANS titles – including the American Journal of Numismatics, Numismatic Literature, Numismatic Notes and Monographs, and stand-­alone monographs have become fully readable and downloadable to anyone who wants them under a Creative Commons, non-­commercial, attribution, share-­alike license. This means that these ANS publications can be used for personal reading, research, and academic publication just so long as the ANS is cited as the source. Titles currently in the public domain – already have a home on HathiTrust. These volumes were OCR-scanned as part of the Google Books project.

HathiTrust, founded in 2008 by the member universities of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation and the University of California, is a large, collaborative repository of digital content from research libraries and publishers that includes content digitized by Google Books and Internet Archive and Microsoft. Millions of volumes are available via HathiTrust’s website ( The entire repository can be full-text searched.