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Carl Maria Seyppel's "Egyptological" work

Carl Maria Seyppel's series of satirical illustrated volumes are now online at the  Bonn University and State Library
  • 2. aegytische Humoreske ; nach der Natur abgemalt und niedergeschrieben 1302 Jahre vor Christi Geburt
    Seyppel, Carl M.
    [Düsseldorf] : [Bagel], 1883
  • Seyppel, Carl M.
    Düsseldorf : Bagel, 1885
  • 3. ägyptische Humoreske aufgeschrieben und abgemalt bei dem Auszuge der Juden aus Ägypten
    Seyppel, Carl M.
    Düsseldorf : Bagel, 1884
  • récit humoristique égyptien peint et écrit d'apres nature, l'an 1302 avant la naissance de J. C.
    Seyppel, Carl M.
    Düsseldorf : Bagel, 1886
  • aegyptische Humoreske ; niedergeschrieben und abgemalt 1315 Jahre vor Christi Geburt
    Seyppel, Carl M.
    Düsseldorf : Bagel, 1882
  • a humorous tale of Old-Egypt
    Seyppel, Carl M.
    Düsseldorf : Bagel, 1886

Newly Online from the British Museum: Amara West: living in Egyptian Nubia.

Spencer, Neal, Anna Stevens, and Michaela Binder. 2014. Amara West: living in Egyptian Nubia. London: The Trustees of the British Museum.
ISBN:  9780714191256 0714191256
The British Museum has recently published a guidebook to the site of Amara West, funded by the Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project. The book seeks to share, in an accessible manner, the latest research on this important site on Egypt’s southern New Kingdom frontier.
Co-authored by team members of the Amara West Project, it covers such themes as: how the town of Amara West came to be; what it was like to live there in pharaonic times; and how the Egyptian colonisers co-existed and interacted with local Nubian populations.
It provides an overview of early 20th century excavations at the site, and an insight into how archaeologists work today. And, of course, it provides information about visiting Amara West.
The book is provided here as a free pdf download.

Open Access Journal : Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry

[First posted in AWOL 5 November 2009. Updated 27 August 2014]

Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry (MAA)
ISSN ( print ): 1108-9628
ISSN ( online ): 2241-8121
MAA is converted to full online journal free access to whole texts as .pdf files from last year. The process is ongoing. The printed version (2001-2014) is kept only if authors ask for back issues or if individuals or libraries require printed volumes.

As from 2015 frequency is increased to 3 times per year and there is an advertisement page too. The Journal will keep the rapid reviewing procedure following the standard double blind review and ensures swift publication of high quality papers in innovation or important applications and excavation reports related to the Mediterranean region.

Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry (MAA) is an interdisciplinary International Journal issued by The University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece. MAA is published since 2001 and from 2008 is operating in updated format.



Maarav Supplementary data online

MAARAV, A Journal for the Study of the Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures
MAARAV, A Journal for the Study of the Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures, is devoted to the rigorous, prudent treatment of the corpus of Northwest Semitic texts. Its articles have a strong linguistic, philological and literary emphasis, although manuscripts on history,  archaeology, religion and culture will be seriously considered, particularly if they have a strong textual interest.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New in ARTA: From the Persepolis Ftortification Archive Project, 5: The Aramaic Epigraph Ns(y)h on Elamite Persepolis Fortification Documents

Azzoni, Annalisa, Stolper, Matthew W. “From the Persepolis Fortification Archive Project, 5: The Aramaic Epigraph Ns(y)h on Elamite Persepolis Fortification Documents.” ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology 2015, no. 004 (2015): 1–88.

Open access Journal: Zeitschriften der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft

[First posted in AWOL 21 April 2009. Updated 26 August 2015 (recent content added)]

Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft
Die älteste und weltweit bekannteste Veröffentlichung der DMG ist ihre international zitierte Zeitschrift (ZDMG). Der 1. Band erschien 1847 als ein den gesamten deutschen Sprachraum umfassendes Organ der Orientalistik. Unterbrochen wurde das regelmäßige Erscheinen der Zeitschrift nur durch zeitbedingte Wechselfälle der deutschen Geschichte. Von Anfang an nutzten deutsche und ausländische Gelehrte die Zeitschrift, um Ergebnisse ihrer Forschungen darzulegen.
    See the full List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies

    Handlist of Greek Manuscripts in the British Library

    Handlist of Greek Manuscripts in the British Library
    Cillian O'Hogan
    The completion of the third phase of the Greek Manuscripts Digitisation Project is as good a time as any to release to this world a handy spreadsheet containing details of the Greek manuscripts held by the British Library. The spreadsheet includes a brief description of the content and links to Digitised Manuscripts and to the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts where the material has been digitised; it also notes which printed catalogue (Richard’s Inventaire or the 1999 Summary Catalogue) describes the item. Almost all the items listed are described in full on the main British Library Explore Archives and Manuscripts catalogue. Items in bold in the handlist are cared for by our colleagues in Asian and African Collections. Finally, links are included to the relevant entry on Pinakes, the important database for Greek manuscripts run by the IRHT in Paris.