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Monuments of Syria أوابد سورية: A Window on Syria's Past by Ross Burns

[First posted in AWOL 14 October 2012, updated 3 July 2015]
Monuments of Syria أوابد سورية: A Window on Syria's Past by Ross Burns
This website was initiated in mid-2011, shortly after Syria entered into one of the most tragic and agonising series of events in its long history. I wanted to find some way of keeping alive the memory of Syria’s extraordinarily diverse past while it remained largely closed to visitors due to the violence that has prevailed in much of the country. It remains to be seen what will emerge from these events but I hope that the memories outsiders have of its extraordinary people and their respect for and appreciation of their past, will strengthen as a result of this terrible experience.

And see also:

Monuments of Syria Photostream 
This Flickr site brings together a large number of photographs of archaeological sites in both Syria and Southeast Turkey. The site gives a sample of the archive of 70,000 photos taken over the last 40 years which [the author] hopes to make available to a wider audience. In case of further inquiries, a mailbox is available either through Flickr or here.

Online Course: Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East

Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East 
Experience the world’s first international age, 3,500 years ago in the ancient Near East, with this free online course.
Over four weeks, this free online course explores four ancient Near-Eastern cultures and how they interacted with each other 3,500 years ago.

Tracking the Egyptian, Mitannian and Hittite superpowers

Travel, diplomacy, trade and warfare feature, as we track the ancient Egyptian, Mitannian and Hittite superpowers. We will see how they came into contact with each other in their efforts to extend their influence into the ever-contested Syria-Palestine lands.
We will examine objects from the University of Liverpool’s Garstang Museum of Archaeology - one of the most important collections of artefacts in the UK - enabling you to learn not only about the history of this period, but also how experts use artefacts to reconstruct the past.

Using the present to illuminate the past

The archaeological evidence that we will consult is often disparate and fragmentary, so in order to understand it better, we will look into current approaches to international relations and discuss modern parallels with an expert from our Department of Politics.

Accessing ancient landscapes

Our experts will familiarise you with the ancient Near-Eastern landscapes and introduce you to key objects that featured in diplomacy and warfare at this time in the distant past.
You will also consider the bigger picture, as empires prospered and floundered in the struggle to become the main superpower of the ancient Near East.


This course is for anyone interested in archaeology and ancient history. Previous study in archaeology is not necessary, as this course serves as an introduction to the study of the history of the ancient Near East.

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New Online from the IFAO: Kurzbibliographie zu den übersetzten Tempeltexten der griechisch-römischen Zeit, 6e éd.

Kurzbibliographie zu den übersetzten Tempeltexten der griechisch-römischen Zeit, 6e éd.
Christian Leitz
 Ce livre fait suite à l’ouvrage de Jean-Claude Grenier : Temples ptolémaïques et romains. Répertoire bibliographique (index des citations 1955-1974, incluant l’index des citations de 1939 à 1954 réunies par N. Sauneron), BiEtud 75, Le Caire, 1979. Afin d’offrir au chercheur un outil d’actualité, il sera dorénavant disponible sur le serveur de l’Ifao ( et régulièrement mis à jour sous la responsabilité de Christian Leitz.
IF1112, ISBN 978-2-7247-0667-3
Collection: BiEtud 165
1 vol., 264 p., gratuit - free of charge
• Lire en ligne

Migne's Patrologia Latina at Google Books and IA

 [First posted in AWOL 15 March 2012, updated 2 July 2015] 

Migne's Patrologia Latina
Content of PL arranged by volume and author (DCO).
It contains also many searchable documents.
Another source with many searchable documents is:
Latin-English dictionary [with morphology] (Hopper):
Latin-German dictionary [with morphology generator]:
Jacques Paul Migne. Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Series Latina.

Migne's Patrologia Graeca at Google Books and IA

[First posted in AWOL 15 March 2012, updated 2 July 2015]

Migne's Patrologia Graeca
Jacques Paul Migne. Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Series Graeca.

Open Access Journal: Osnabrücker Online-Beiträge zu den Altertumswissenschaften

 [First posted in AWOL  5 November 2009, Updated 2 Julyr 2015]

Osnabrücker Online-Beiträge zu den Altertumswissenschaften 
Die Osnabrücker Online-Beiträge zu den Altertumswissenschaften stellen ein neues Instrument dar, kleinere Beiträge aus dem großen Spektrum der Altertumswissenschaften sowie auch deren Rezeptionsgeschichte schnell und ohne großen formalen Aufwand zu publizieren. Sie wollen dazu beitragen, daß die in anderen Wissenschaftszweigen und im Ausland längst übliche elektronische Form der Publikation auch in der deutschen Geschichtswissenschaft und Archäologie Verbreitung findet, zumal sie Veröffentlichungen möglich macht, die bisher leider oft aus Kosten- und Sachzwängen unterbleiben mußten. Die ersten der hier aufgenommenen Beiträge stehen noch - naheliegenderweise - in einem direkten Zusammenhang mit den Ausgrabungen in Kalkriese, doch soll sich dies schon bald ändern. Vor allem Studierende und jüngere Wissenschaftler aus dem gesamten Bereich der Altertumswissenschaften sind daher aufgerufen, Beiträge in unserer Reihe zu publizieren.

Formal ist lediglich darauf zu achten, daß die eingesandten Beiträge keine Formatierungen enthalten (besondere Formatierungswünsche sind in einem Ausdruck kenntlich zu machen). Dem Text kann eine Literaturliste folgen. Wo es sinnvoll erscheint, sollten dem Text mit Bildunterschriften und Herkunftsnachweis versehene Abbildungen in einem gängigen Grafikformat (gif, jpg, tif) beigegeben werden.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Osnabrücker Online - Beiträge zu den Altertumswissenschaften

Open Access Journal: The Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages

The Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages
The Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages, published annually by the Council, is dedicated to the issues and concerns related to the teaching and learning of Less Commonly Taught Languages. The Journal primarily seeks to address the interests of language teachers, administrators, and re-searchers. Articles that describe innovative and successful teaching methods that are relevant to the concerns or problems of the profession, or that report educational research or experimentation in Less Commonly Taught Languages are welcome. Papers presented at the Council’s annual conference will be considered for publication, but additional manuscripts from members of the profession are also welcome.
Recent Editions
Past Editions
See the full List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies