Monday, June 29, 2015

Open Access Journal: World Heritage

World Heritage 
World Heritage is the official UNESCO publication from the World Heritage Centre. Featuring in-depth articles on cultural and natural World Heritage sites. The quarterly review is produced in English, French and Spanish.
n°77 - June 2015 Special Issue on Iraq
Cultural World Heritage sites are representative of the creativity and genius of humanity. While World Heritage belongs to everyone, and we share the responsibility to protect it, each site embodies the history, values, beliefs and skills of the people ...

National Latin Survey

National Latin Survey
Conducted by the Applied Linguistics & TESOL Program at Teachers College, Columbia University

The purpose of this study is to survey middle and high school students and teachers all across the United States and find out the many different reasons why people study and teach Latin.

Feel free to download the copies of the survey above and edit them to use with your own students and colleagues.

The survey was open from May 2013 - February 2014. It was primarily conducted online, using Qualtrics.

New Open Access Journal: International Journal for Digital Art History

International Journal for Digital Art History
The peer reviewed journal seeks to gather current developments in the field of Digital Art History world-wide and to foster discourse on the subject both from Art History and Information Science.
The Digital Age has revolutionized economy, society and our private lives. For decades now, digitalization has also touched most branches of the humanities. With the rising importance of the so called Digital Humanities, Art History is at the brink of new ways of accessing its material and gaining unprecedented insights. 

Many approaches are currently evolving in the international sphere of Art History and many questions still remain unanswered: What requirements does Art History have towards Information Technology? What projects do exist that can serve as best practice? Which direction does Art History go from here? How can we build an international community to reach our shared goals in research? 

Thus, the "International Journal of Digital Art History" (DAH) gives authors in this field the opportunity to reach a wider audience, spark a discussion on the future of our discipline and generate an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners. 

The journal is edited in order to gather articles around a common theme in each issue. In addition it is peer reviewd by at least two reviewers in a double-blind process. It is published online and in print. Contributions are welcome. For information on the current Call for Manuscripts and further details for authors, please see the respective pages on this website.

Coptica: Textes Coptes et Documents en Libre Access

[First posted in AWOL 29 March 2010. Updated 29 June 2015]
Le site personnel COPTICA est destiné à tous les étudiants et amateurs de langue et littérature copte. Les uns y trouveront les textes et indices nécessaires à la poursuite de leur cursus universitaire (baccalauréat et maîtrise), mais aussi des liens essentiels. Les autres y trouveront informations et outils de travail.

    Les liens suivis d'un ® sont accessibles en réseau sécurisé seulement.
    1.  Dictionnaires et encyclopédies (55)
  • DEUX LETTRES  >  LEXICONS for Biblical Studies (hébreu, araméen, grec, latin, syriaque, copte, acadien, arabe)   (Tyndale)

    2.  Portails bibliographiques (10)
    3.  Texte biblique (28) 
    4.  Textes grecs et latins (14)  
    5.  Références diverses (23)

    Les liens suivis d'un ® sont accessibles en réseau sécurisé seulement.

                                           Era si pieno il cor di meraviglie...

    Les liens suivis d'un ® sont accessibles en réseau sécurisé seulement.

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