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Open Access Journal: Mitteilungen aus der Sammlung Papyrus Erzherzog Rainer

Mitteilungen aus der Sammlung Papyrus Erzherzog Rainer
Volume 1, pt. 1-2
Volume 2
Volume 2-3
Volume 4-6

Open Access Journal: Teologia Patrystycna - Patristic Theology

Teologia Patrystycna - Patristic Theology
ISSN: 1732-4793
TEOLOGIA PATRYSTYCZNA ukazuje się od 2004 roku. Do tej pory przygotowano 8 numerów tematycznych. W zamierzeniach Redakcji TEOLOGIA PATRYSTYCZNA jest forum prezentacji wyników badań prowadzonych z zakresu teologii patrystycznej i starożytnej literatury chrześcijańskiej w różnych ośrodkach teologicznych w Polsce i poza jej granicami. Osobny dział zamieszczanych publikacji stanowią tłumaczenia dzieł starożytnych autorów chrześcijańskich.

PROMARE: Promoting Marine Research and Exploration

PROMARE: Promoting Marine Research and Exploration
Promare - Promoting Marine Research and Exploration 
Established in 2001 to promote marine research and exploration throughout the world, ProMare is a non-profit corporation and public charity, 501(c)(3).

Our team of experienced archaeologists and marine professionals execute a variety of research projects independently and in concert with academic, corporate, public, and governmental organizations and agencies that are designed to advance man’s knowledge of history and science.
Elizabeth Lyding Will’s Publications
[The link above includes a full bibliography - only the open access items are listed below]
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    • Reviews of E.L. Will’s Published Works

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Open Access Journal: Dental Anthropology Journal

[First posted in AWOL 20 December 2009. Updated 21 January 2016]

Dental Anthropology Journal
ISSN: 1096-9411
The Dental Anthropology Association (DAA) seeks to stimulate interest in dental anthropology and support the exchange of knowledge for those interested in the anthropological study of teeth. Our primary activities include annual meetings with associated presentations, symposia, workshops, and student prizes, and the publication of the journal Dental Anthropology.
            Vol. 27, No. 1-2
Determining onset of significant facial pathology using dental wear and microwear texture analysis: a case study from the Middle Archaic (~5,500 BP) of Indiana. ANNA CASSERLY, REBECCA VAN SESSEN, and CHRISTOPHER SCHMIDT.
The effects of dietary toughness on occlusopalatal variation in savanna baboons. EVAN MUZZALL, RYAN M. CAMPBELL, MEADOW CAMPBELL, and ROBERT S. CORRUCCINI.
The biological implications of the transition to agriculture in Ukraine: a study of enamel hypoplasias. JORDAN K. KARSTEN, SARAH E. HEINS, GWYN D. MADDEN, and MYKHAILO P. SOKHATSKYI.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 26, No. 1-2
In memoriam: Christy G. Turner II (November 28, 1933 – July 27, 2013): Personal reflections on his legacy in dental anthropology and beyond. G. RICHARD SCOTT.
Evaluation of the utility of deciduous molar morphological variation in great ape phylogenetic analysis. ANNA M. HARDIN and SCOTT S. LEGGE.
Maxillary lateral incisor morphology and uncommon trait expression: a case study from prehistoric Paa-ko, new Mexico. ERIN C. BLANKENSHIP-SEFCZEK.
Dental morphological variation among six pre-Hispanic South American populations. ALEJANDRA ORTIZ.
            Vol. 26, No. 3
The development of the mammalian dentition as a complex adaptive system. ALAN H. BROOK, TOBY HUGHES, GRANT C. TOWNSEND, RICHARD N. SMITH, and MATTHEW D. BROOK O’DONNELL.
Geographic patterns of early Holocene New World dental morphological variation. CHRISTOPHER M. STOJANOWSKI, KENT M. JOHNSON, and WILLIAM N. DUNCAN.
A fool’s mission? A test of three common assumptions in dental metric analyses. BRIAN E. HEMPHILL.
Secular change in dental development in New Mexican females. ANNA L.M. RAUTMAN and Heather J.H. Edgar.
Size does matter: Variation in tooth size apportionment among major regional North and Sub-Saharan African populations. JOEL D. IRISH and MICHAEL W. KENYHERCZ.
A descriptive study of African American deciduous dentition. LOREN R. LEASE.
Accuracy of estimating age from eruption levels of mandibular teeth. SHERYL WILMOTT, MARK P. HECTOR, and HELEN M. LIVERSIDGE.

            Vol. 25, No. 1
Letter from the editor. CHRISTOPHER W. SCHMIDT.
Premolar enamel formation: completion of figures for aging LEH defects in permanent dentition. SARAH A. HOLT, DONALD J. REID, and DEBBIE GUATELLI-STEINBERG.
Hypotrophic roots of the upper central incisors – a proposed new discrete dental trait. CLAUDIA CUNHA, ANA MARIA SILVA, JOEL IRISH, G. RICHARD SCOTT, TIAGO TOMÉ, and JOSÉ MARQUEZ.
A unique case of mandibular osteomyelitis arising from tooth germ infection in a 7,000-year-old infant from Siberia. ANDREA L. WATERS-RIST.

            Vol. 24, No. 1
A geometric morphometric analysis of the crown form of the maxillary central incisor in humans. AKIKIO KATO, MAKIKO KOUCHI, MASAAKI MOCHIMARU, AYAMOTO ISOMURA, and NORIKAZU OHNO.
Prevalence of short dental roots in four ethnic groups in an orthodontic population. KATHRYN EDGCOMB, ELLEN BEGOLE, CARLA EVANS, BRADFORD JOHNSON, and XIANGHONG LUAN.
Fluctuating asymmetry in root number and morphology of permanent premolars and molars – case reports. I. ANAND SHERWOOD and P. GOVINDA REDDY.
The phonetic distances of Jordanian Arabs from other human populations suggest a major genetic drift from the Caucasoid race. FIRAS ALSOLEIHAT and AMEEN KHRAISAT.
            Vol. 24, No. 2-3
Wisdom tooth formation as a method of estimating age in a New Zealand population. ANNABELLE MCGETTIGAN, KIMBERLY TIMMINS, PETER HERBISON, HELEN LIVERSIDGE, and JULES KIESER.
The anthropology of infectious diseases of Bronze Age and early Iron Age from Armenia. A. YU. KHUDAVERDYAN.
A horizontal mesiodens in a child buried at Hank’s site (41RB109), a prehistoric Plains Village site in the Texas Panhandle. CORY J. BROEHM, LISA B. HUNTER, and DOUGLAS K. BOYD.
Dental age: Effects of estimating different events during mineralization. EDWARD F. HARRIS.

            Vol. 23, No. 1
Crown and cusp dimensions of the maxillary  first molar: a study of sexual dimorphism in Indian Jat Sikhs. GAURAV AGNIHOTRI and VIMAL SIKR.
Carabelli trait in Australian twins: Reliability and validity of different scoring systems. YUH HASEGAWA, JAMES ROGERS, GRAHAM SCRIVEN, and GRANT TOWNSEND.
Demirjian stage tooth formation results from a large group of children. HELEN M. LIVERSIDGE.
Triple fusion in the primary dentition from Law’s site, Alabama (1MS100): a case report. BRIAN D. PADGETT.
A rare form of protostylid: review of literature and case reports. ANAND L. SHIGLI, SANGEETA P. WANJARI, and RUCHI AHUJA.
Obituary: Alice “Sue” Marie Frances Haeussler (1932-2009). CHRISTY G. TURNER II.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 23, No. 2
Maxillary canine ectopia and maxillary canine-premolar transposition are associated with deviations in the maxilla. LOUISE MILTENBURG CASPERSEN, IB JARLE CHRISTENSEN, and INGER KJÆR.
Residential mobility and dental decoration in Early Medieval Spain: Results from the Eighth century site of Plaza del Castillo, Pamplona. ELEANNA PREVEDOROU, MARTA DÍAZ-ZORITA BONILLA, ALEJANDRO ROMERO, JANE E. BUIKSTRA, M. PAZ DE MIGUEL IBÁÑEZ, and KELLY J. KNUDSON.
Relationship between width of maxillary anterior teeth and interalar distance. MORTAZA BONAKDARCHIAN and REZA GHORBANIPOUR.
Mesiodistal crown dimensions of the permanent dentition in a Nigerian population. EMMANUEL O. AJAYI, YETUNDE O. AJAYI, HELEN O. OBORO, and MAUREEN N. CHUKWUMAH.
Primary tooth mineralization and exfoliation ages calculated from the Moorrees-Fanning-Hunt study. EDWARD F. HARRIS.
Intra-individual microwear variation: deciduous versus permanent dentition. TAMMY R. GAMZA.
            Vol. 23, No. 3
Analysis of cementum layers in archaeological material. MICHAELA HUFFMAN and DANIEL ANTOINE.
The dental traits of Indonesian Javanese. MYRTATI DYAH ARTARIA.
Impacted lower first molar and labial ectopic upper canine eruption in an individual from the prehistoric American Southwest. GREG C. NELSON.
American black-white differences in primary tooth crown shape: the crown index. EDWARD F. HARRIS and BETSY D. BARCROFT.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 22, No. 1
Strong genetic influence on hypocone expression of permanent maxillary molars in south Australian twins. DENICE HIGGINS, TOBY E. HUGHES, HELEN JAMES, and GRANT C. TOWNSEND.
Patterns of hypodontia among third molars in contemporary American adolescents. EDWARD F. HARRIS.
Joined supernumerary mandibular teeth in the premolar region: report of a Hungarian archeological case. GY. SZABÓ, G. KOCSIS S., and E. MOLNÁR.
Commentary: Supernumerary teeth. EDWARD F. HARRIS.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 22, No. 2
Frequency and variation of three-rooted lower first permanent molars in precontact Easter Islanders and in pre-conquest Peruvians. ANDREA G. DRUSINI and DARIS R. SWINDLER.
Supernumerary teeth from two Mesoamerican archeological contexts. WILLIAM N. DUNCAN.
Patent mandibular symphysis with congenital absence and ankyloglossia. ANNA S. SMITH and EDWARD F. HARRIS.
Obituary: Shelly Rae Saunders (1950-2008). CHARLES FITZGERALD.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 22, No. 3
A promising mandibular molar trait in ancient populations of Ireland. JAIMIN D. WEETS.
Stigmata of congenital syphilis on a high status juvenile at Yuguë, Oaxaca, Mexico. ARION T. MAYES, ANAMAY MELMED, and SARAH BARBER.
Discriminatory effectiveness of crown indexes – tests between American blacks and whites. CANDICE L. FOSTER and EDWARD F. HARRIS.
A unique dental resource: the odontological collection at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  MILLY FARRELL.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 21, No. 1
Quantification of dental occlusal variation: a review of methods. EDWARD F. HARRIS and ROBERT S. CORRUCCINI.
For whom the coin tolls: Green-stained teeth and jaws in Medieval and Post-Medieval Spanish burials. KIMBERLY A. HOPKINSON, SARAH M. YEATS, and G. RICHARD SCOTT.
The biology of Natfa people: Bones and teeth. ABDULLA AL-SHORMAN.
Obituary: Daris R. Swindler (1925-2007). Christopher Dean and THOMAS KOPPE.
Obituary: Professor Ebba During (1937-2007).
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 21, No. 2-3
Deciduous dental morpohological diversity in contemporary Colombian ethnic groups. MIGUEL EDUARDO DELGADO-BURBANO.
For morphology of root and c-shape canal in prehispanic and modern Maya groups from northern Yucatan. ANDREA CUCINA, ELMA VEGA LIZAMA, MARCO RAMÍREZ, G. ALVARADO CÁRDENAS, and VERA TIESLER.
Dental nonmetric traits in a pre-conquest sample from Chubut region of Patagonia, Argentina. Gabriel A. Bollini, CARLOS DAVID RODRÍGUEZ-FLÓREZ, and SONIA E. COLANTONIO.
Congenital absence of permanent canines: report of two cases. ANN S. SMITH and EDWARD F. HARRIS.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 20, No. 1
Comparison of permanent mandibular molar crown dimensions between Mongolians and Caucasians. YUH HASEGAWA, JAMES R. ROGERS, IKUO KAGEYAMA, SEN NAKAHARA, and GRANT C. TOWNSEND.
A longitudinal study of continued tooth eruption during adulthood. EDWARD F. HARRIS and YOAV SHILOAH.
Unilateral fusion of two primary mandibular teeth: report of a Portuguese archeological case. ANA MARIA SILVA and ANA LEONOR SILVA.
Bilateral asymmetry of upper permanent dentition in six archeological pre-conquest samples from Colombia, South America. CARLOS DAVID RODRÍGUEZ-FLÓREZ and SONIA E. COLANTONIO.
News, reports and reviews
            Vol. 20, No. 2-3
The relationship between crown size and complexity in two collections. BRIDGETT A. WILLIAMS and ROBERT S. CORRUCCINI.
Asymmetrical eruption of permanent teeth in Australian Aborigines. P. SOBHI, S. MIHAILIDIS, J.R. ROGERS, T.E. HUGHES, and G.C. TOWNSEND.
Dental trait variation and age determination based on dental wear: a preliminary study. MYRTATI D. ARTARIA.
Melvin L. Moss (1923-2006). EDWARD F. HARRIS.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 19, No. 1
Torus mandibularis: etiology and bioarchaeological utility. BRENNA HASSETT.
Dental pathology, wear, and diet in a hunting and gathering forest-dwelling group: the Batak people of Palawan Island, the Phillippines. CHRISTY G. TURNER II and JAMES F. EDER.
Approximal attrition and permanent tooth crown size in a Romano-British population. ALAN H. BROOK, C. UNDERHILL, L.K. FOO, and M. HECTOR.
Inheritance of bilateral fusion of lower central and lateral incisors: a pedigree of a Maya family from Yucatan, Mexico. FRANCISCO D. GURRI and GILVERTO BALAM.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 19, No. 2
Variations of tooth root morphology in a Romano-British population. ALAN H. BROOK and MARLENE SCHEERS.
Frequency and variability of five non-metric dental crown traits in the primary and permanent dentitions of a racially mixed population from Cali, Colombia. LUISA AGUIRRE, DIANA CASTILLO, DIANA SOLARTE, and FREDDY MORENO.
Variation in dental crown morphology in Malaysian populations. MOHD FADHLI KHAMIS, JANE A. TAYLOR, ABDUL RANI SAMSUDIN, and GRANT C. TOWNSEND.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 19, No. 3
Paramolar tubercle in the left maxillary second premolar: a case report. CARLINA RODRÍGUEZ and FREDDY MORENO.
A Byzantine cranium from Jordan: A case study in Dental Anthropology. ABDULLA AL-SHORMAN.
The relative sexual dimorphism of human incisor crown and root dimensions. EDWARD F. HARRIS and W. MAX COUCH.
Rotation of the maxillary premolars: evidence in support of premolar morphogenetic field. VINCENT H. STEFAN.
Occurrence of an eighth cusp on primary second mandibular molars of a contemporary Argentinian child. CARLOS DAVID RODRÍGUEZ FLOREZ, GABRIEL MARIO FONSECA, and MARIA TERESA DE VILLALBA.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 18, No. 1
Dental anthropology shines at AAPA meetings. DEBBIE GUATELLI-STEINBERG.
An investigation of ultrasound methods for the assessment of sex and age from intact teeth. ROBIN N.M. FEENEY.
Dental health decline in the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia: The role of European contact and multiple stressors. SALLY M. GRAVER.
A study of cusp base areas in maxillary permanent molars of American whites. DUSTIN P. DINH and EDWARD F. HARRIS.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 18, No. 2
Posterior tooth morphology and lower incisor crowding. ANWAR A. SHAH, CLAIRE ELCOCK, and ALAN H. BROOK.
Tooth-coding systems in the clinical dental setting. EDWARD F. HARRIS.
Biomechanical analysis of the canine tuberculum dentale. IONUT ICHIM, MICHAEL SWAIN, and JULES KIESER.       
Dental indicators of Polynesian affinity for prehistoric Rotuma Islanders, South Pacific. CHRISTY G. TURNER II.
Regional differences of dental microwear on the occlusal surface of an M2 from Neolithic Japan: a case study. TERUYUKI HOJO.
Obituary: Kazuro Hanihara: 1927-2004. C. LORING BRACE and NORIKO SEGUCHI.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 17, No. 1
The genetics of odontogenesis: implications in dental anthropology and palæo-odontology. GEOFFREY H. SPERBER.          
An odontometic investigation of Canary Islander origins. JOEL D. IRISH and BRIAN E. HEMPHILL.
Localized asymmetry in human dental crown form – an interesting case. JOHN WETHERELL, TRACEY WINNING, and GRANT TOWNSEND.
Elongated premolar: a new morphological variant. HEATHER J.H. EDGAR and PAUL W. SCIULLI.
An artificial human tooth from the Neolithic cemetery at Gebel Ramlah, Egypt. JOEL D. IRISH, PREZEMYSLAW BOBROWSKI, MICHAL KOBUSIEWICZ, JACEK KABACISKI, and ROMUALD SCHILD.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 17, No. 2
From the President’s desk. DEBBIE GUATELLI-STEINBERG.
Dental reduction and diet in the prehistoric Ohio River Valley. MOLLY K. HILL.
Food and the state: Bioarchaeological investigations of diet in the Moche Valley of Perú. CELESTE MARIE GAGNON.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 17, No. 3
Provenance of African-born individuals from the Colonial Cemetery of Campeche (Mexico) by means of trace element analysis.  ANDREA CUCINA, HECTOR NEFF, and VERA TIESLER.
A system for the acquisition and analysis of three-dimensional data describing dental morphology. PINGZHOU LIU, SARBIN RANJITKAR, JOHN A. KAIDONIS, GRANT C. TOWNSEND, and LINDSAY C. RICHARDS.
Experimental combat-stress model in rats: Histological examination of effects on amelogenesis – a possible measure of diminished vagal tone episodes. H. STEFAN BRACHA, D. CAROLINE BLANCHARD, JEFFREY L. LLOYD-JONES, ANDREW WILLIAMS, and ROBERT J. BLANCHARD.
Calculation of Smith’s mean measure of divergence for intergroup comparisons using nonmetric data. EDWARD F. HARRIS and TORSTEIN SJØVOLD.
Occlusal morphology of the mandibular first and second premolars in Iranian adolescents. RAMIN MOSHARRAF and FATEMEH HAJIAN.
Maxillary second premolars with paramolar tubercles. ROBERT A. TURNER and EDWARD F. HARRIS.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 16, No. 3
Influence of inbreeding on the Carabelli trait in a human isolate. TOMISLAV LAUC.             
Metric analysis of permanent and deciduous teeth from Bronze Age Tell Leilan, Syria. SCOTT HADDOW and NANCY C. LOVELL.
Examination of the rare labial talon cusp on human anterior teeth. C. LEE, S.E. BURNETT and C.G. TURNER II.
Where’s the variation? Variance components in tooth size of the permanent dentition. EDWARD F. HARRIS.
News, reports, and reviews

            Vol. 15, No. 2-3
The effects of sexual dimorphism, asymmetry, and inter-trait association on the distribution of thirteen deciduous dental nonmetric traits in a sample of Pima Amerindians. MATTHEW W. TOCHERI.
Dental paleopathology of the Ray Site (12W6), Indiana. TAMMY R. GREENE.
Tubercle of Carabelli: A review. ANDRÉ CORREIA and CARLA PINA.
News, reports, and reviews
            Vol. 16, No. 1
From the President’s desk. JOEL D. IRISH.
Form, symmetry and asymmetry of the dental arch: Orthogonal analysis revisited. TOBY HUGHES, LINDSAY RICHARDS, and GRANT TOWNSEND.
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A non-metric trait on upper molars: The lingual pit. M. KELLEY and B-J GILLERIN.

New Digital Publication from ISAW: Aksum and Nubia: Warfare, Commerce, and Political Fictions in Ancient Northeast Africa

Aksum and Nubia: Warfare, Commerce, and Political Fictions in Ancient Northeast Africa
George Hatke

©2013 George Hatke. Distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution No-derivatives License.
This work is available at the URI as part of the NYU Library's Ancient World Digital Library and in partnership with the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW).  Further information about ISAW's publication program is available on the ISAW website. Please note that while the base URI of this document is stable, the exact content available is still undergoing development. Please note that the text contains Syriac and Ge'ez characters which render properly when the appropriate fonts are installed. Readers may want to try the fonts available from Beth Mardutho, as well as the Gentium Plus font from SIL.


  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Before Aksum and Kush
    • 1.2. The First Millennium BCE: A Turning Point in State Formation
  • 2. The Question of Aksumite Trade with Nubia
  • 3. The Third Century CE: Monumentum Adulitanum II (RIE 277)
    • 3.1. Cosmas Indicopleustes at Adulis
    • 3.2. Dating Monumentum Adulitanum II
    • 3.3. Aksumite Expansion in Northeast Africa
      • 3.3.1. Aksum and Rome’s Southern Frontier
      • 3.3.2. Aksum and “Ethiopia”
      • 3.3.3. Sasu: A Scribal Error for Kush?
      • 3.3.4. Aksum’s Northern and Western Frontiers in the Third Century
  • 4. The Fourth Century CE: Aksum in Nubia
    • 4.1. Ousanas and Kush: RIE 186
    • 4.2. Aksum Invades Kush: Two Greek Inscriptions from Meroë
      • 4.2.1. Dating RIE 286 and SNM 24841
      • 4.2.2. The Political Implications of the First Aksumite Invasion of Kush
    • 4.3. Trouble on the Western Front? A Possible Clue in RIE 186
    • 4.4. The Noba: A New Force to be Reckoned With
    • 4.5. ‘Ēzānā’s Nubian War
      • 4.5.1. The Greek Account: RIE 271
      • 4.5.2. The Vocalized Ge‘ez Account: RIE 189
      • 4.5.3. A Third Account of the Nubian War: RIE 190
    • 4.6. Assessing the Impact of Aksum on Nubia in the Fourth Century
      • 4.6.1. The Archaeological Evidence
      • 4.6.2. The Graeco-Roman Textual Evidence
      • 4.6.3. The Fall of Kush: Was Aksum to Blame?
  • 5. After Kush: Aksum and Nubia in the Sixth Century CE
    • 5.1. Kālēb and Nubia: RIE 191
    • 5.2. The Nobades and Blemmyes: Would-be Mercenaries of Aksum?
    • 5.3. Longinus’ Mission and the Aksumite Presence in Alodia
    • 5.4. Into the Middle Ages: Ḥaḍānī Dāne’ēl and Aksum’s Western Neighbors
  • 6. Conclusion
  • Bibliography
    • Map 1. Northeast Africa in the third century CE
    • Map 2. Northeast Africa in the fourth century CE
    • Map 3. Northeast Africa in the sixth century CE
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