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Greek and Latin Texts with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary: Free digital files for the textbook series written by Geoffrey Steadman

Greek and Latin Texts with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary: Free digital files for the textbook series written by Geoffrey Steadman
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Open Access Journal: Numismatic Literature

[First posted in AWOL 22 July 2009, updated 31 December 2016]

Numismatic Literature
ISSN: 0029-6031
American Numismatic Society
Numismatic Literature was the Society's annotated bibliography of published work in all fields of numismatics. At its core NumLit was a text archive that supports multiple delivery formats, one that was designed for longevity in the face of rapid technological innovation. For users, NumLit existed as subject and author indexes that were regularly updated as new titles are entered. The titles were also listed in the reverse order of when they were added. It had been published since 1947 and the final published volume is No. 149 (2007). Please note that NumLit is no longer published. All previous volumes of Numismatic Literature may be read and downloaded via HathiTrust at no charge.

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Ancient Jerusalem in VR app

Ancient Jerusalem in VR app
Our first app, Ancient Jerusalem in VR, is available for download on Google play! The app allows users to experience ancient Jerusalem, as it was 2,000 years ago, from four vantage points. Here’s everything you need to know about each of them! Click here to download the app and experience this ancient wonder for yourself.
Modern street level
You are on a 15m column in front of the Temple’s Western Wall. This is the current ground level when you visit the site today. You are surrounded by domestic housing. To your left is Wilson’s Arch and a bridge that gives access to the temple complex. Behind the observer are views of the surrounding landscape including distant glimpses of the fortification wall and residential areas. The remains of the fortification wall are scant in modern Jerusalem, so a reconstructed version is used here based on chronologically parallel examples...

InterClassica: Investigación y Difusión del Mundo Griego y Romano Antiguo

InterClassica: Investigación y Difusión del Mundo Griego y Romano Antiguo


InterClassica es un proyecto inaugurado en mayo de 2006. Tiene como fin la divulgación de contenidos correspondientes a distintos ámbitos del mundo Griego y Romano Antiguos. Se encuentra abierto a la colaboración de todo el que esté interesado en estos campos y pretende proporcionar información rigurosa para ser utilizada y compartida sin ningún tipo de obstáculo ni restricción dado que la educación, el conocimiento, la información y la comunicación esenciales para la cultura y el progreso de los seres humanos.

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Open Access Egyptology from Waseda University

 [Originally posted 6/10/10.  Most recently updated 28 December 2016]

Institute of Archaeology, Waseda University, Tokyo

Publications in English


Khufu's Second Boat Leaflet of the project

Publications in Japanese


エジプト学研究別冊第16号 2013年

<NEW>エジプト学研究第22号 2016年

研究報告集第2号 2013年

研究報告集第1号 2011年

書籍の購入を希望される方は、下記の項目をご記入のうえ、 までご連絡ください。 <折り返し、お振込金額、お振込方法を明記したメールを返送いたします。なお、振り込み方法は、銀行振替となっております。>
・氏 名
・住 所(都道府県名から)




  • 『マルカタ南〔I〕「魚の丘」考古編・建築編』、早稲田大学出版部、1983年
  • 『マルカタ南〔II〕-ルクソール周辺の旧石器遺跡』、早稲田大学出版部、1986年
  • 『マルカタ南〔III〕-魚の丘周辺における埋葬と人骨』、早稲田大学出版部、1988年
  • 『マルカタ南〔IV〕-イシス神殿北西部の遺構と遺物』、早稲田大学出版部、1992年 (定価16,800円)
  • 『マルカタ南〔V〕-イシス神殿北建物址-』、株式会社アケト、2005年 (定価15,000円)
  • 『マルカタ南 魚の丘遺跡出土彩画片の研究〔I〕』、早稲田大学古代エジプト調査室、1995年 (定価5,250円)
  • 『マルカタ南 魚の丘遺跡出土彩画片の研究〔II〕』、早稲田大学古代エジプト調査室、1999年 (定価5,250円)
  • 『エジプト王家の谷・西谷学術調査報告書〔I〕』、中央公論美術出版、2008年
  • 『ルクソール西岸岩窟墓〔I〕-第241号墓と周辺遺構-』、株式会社アケト、2002年 (定価3,000円)
  • 『ルクソール西岸岩窟墓〔II〕-第318号墓と隣接する墓-』、株式会社アケト、2003年 (定価6,000円)
  • 『ルクソール西岸岩窟墓〔III〕-第333号墓、A.21号墓、A.24号墓、W-4(Nr.-127-)号墓-』、株式会社アケト、2007年 (定価5,800円)
  • 『アブ・シール南〔I〕』、鶴山堂、2001年 (定価12,600円)
  • 『アブ・シール南〔II〕』、株式会社アケト、2006年 (定価7,000円)
  • 『アブ・シール南〔III〕』、株式会社シーズ・プランニング、2007年 (定価5,800円)
  • 『ダハシュール北〔I〕-宇宙考古学からの出発-』、株式会社アケト、2003年 (定価4,000円)

 エジプト学研究 - The Journal of Egyptian Studies 

    Open Access Exhibition Catalogue: Syria: A Living History

    Syria: A Living History
    EXHIBITION Syria: A Living History, October 15, 2016–February 28, 2017 
    October 15, 2016, to February 26, 2017
    Few countries have captured the world’s attention like Syria has today. Stories of conflict and displacement dominate the media and define people’s awareness of the place. Syria: A Living History brings together artifacts and artworks that tell a different story—one of cultural diversity, historical continuity, resourcefulness, and resilience.

    Dr. Filiz Çakır Phillip, Aga Khan Museum
    Professor Nasser Rabbat, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, MIT

    Dr. Ross Burns, Sydney, Australia

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    The Latin Library

    The Latin Library
    These texts have been drawn from different sources. Many were originally scanned and formatted from texts in the Public Domain. Others have been downloaded from various sites on the Internet (many of which have long since disappeared). Most of the recent texts have been submitted by contributors around the world. I have tried to indicate on the Credit Page the edition and date of the original text and who (if known) was responsible for the initial HTML conversion. For the core of the classical texts, special acknowledgement is due to the submissions of Konrad Schroeder, Nicholas Koenig, Andrew Gollan and others to the Project Libellus. These have been downloaded with the permission of the contributors and presented here with additional HTML formatting.

    Occasionally texts are submitted by contributors or discovered on the Internet without indication of the edition from which they derive. If I am unable to identify the edition (which is often the case), I have attempted, if feasible, to conform the text to an out–of–copyright edition.

    The texts are not intended for research purposes nor as substitutes for critical editions. Despite constant effort to remove “scanner artifacts” and other typographical errors, many such errors remain. The texts are presented merely for ease of on–line reading or for downloading for personal or educational use.

    No morphological or vocabulary aid is presented with the texts. Many sites exist for various texts and, most comprehensively, the outstanding Perseus site, where the texts are presented section by section with morphological links.

    There are no translations at this site. Please don’t ask. David Camden’s excellent Forum Romanum has a comprehensive list of translations available on line.

    I have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure that the Latin texts presented here are in the Public Domain. If any copyright is claimed, please advise us immediately so that we may remove the offending text from the Library.

    We need additional texts to expand the Library. We also need your help in making these texts as accurate as possible. If you have other texts to submit, or corrections to the present ones, please contact:
    Abelard Addison Adso Dervensis Albertano of Brescia Alcuin Asconius Ambrosius Ammianus Ampelius Anonymus Neveleti Apuleius Aquinas Arnobius Asserius Augustine Augustus Aurelius Victor Ausonius Avianus Bacon Balde Biblia Sacra Bonaventure Boskovic Boym Caesar Campion Cassiodorus Cato Catullus Cicero Christian Creeds Christian Latin Claudian Claudius Caesar Conradus Celtis Dante Cotta Declaratio Arbroathis Descartes Disticha Catonis Donatus Einhard Ennius Epistolae Austrasicae Erasmus Eucherius Eutropius Fabricius Montanus Ficino Florus Foedus Aeternum Forsett Frontinus Gaius Galileo Gellius Gesta Romanorum Girolamo Vida Godfrey of Winchester Gregory of Tours Gregory the Great Gwinne Henry VII Historia Apolloni Horace Historia Augusta Historia Brittonum Hugo of St. Victor Hyginus Hymni et cantica Iacobus de Voragine Ius Romanum Janus Secundus Jordanes Julius Obsequens Junillus Justin Justinian Juvenal Lactantius Landor Legenda Regis Stephani Lhomond Livy Lotichius Lucan Lucretius Luther Magna Carta Maidstone Manilius Marullo Martial Maximianus May Medieval Latin Melanchthon Milton Minucius Felix Mirandola Miscellany Naevius Navagero Neo-Latin Nepos Newton Nithardus Ovid Owen Pascoli Passerat Paulus Diaconus Persius Petrarch Petronius Phaedrus Phineas Fletcher Piccolomini Planctus destructionis Plautus Pliny the Elder Pliny the Younger Poggio Bracciolini Pontano Priapea Propertius Prudentius Pseudoplatonica Quintilian Ricardi de Bury Rimbaud Roman Epitaphs Ruaeus Rutilius Namatianus Sallust Sannazaro Scaliger Sedulius Seneca Septem Sapientum Silius Italicus Statius Stephanus de Varda Suetonius Sulpicia Syrus Tacitus Terence Tertullian Theganus Theophanes Thomas à Kempis Theodosian Code Tibullus Valerius Flaccus Valerius Maximus Varro Vegetius Vegius Velleius Paterculus Virgil Vico Vitruvius Waardenburg

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    Ammianus Marcellinus Online Project

    Ammianus Marcellinus Online Project
    “This is the history of events from the reign of the emperor Nerva to the death of Valens, which I, a former soldier and a Greek (miles quondam et Graecus), have composed to the best of my ability. It claims to be the truth, which I have never ventured to pervert either by silence or a lie.” (Amm. Marc. 31.16.9)

    “an accurate and faithful guide, who has composed the history of his own times without indulging the prejudices and passions which usually affect the mind of a contemporary” (Edward Gibbon)

    “Ammianus is… a great historian, a man of penetrating intelligence and of remarkable fairness…” (A.H.M. Jones)

    “the greatest literary genius that the world produced between Tacitus and Dante” (Stein)

    This site introduces Ammianus and his work by means of a biography, short essays on important persons in and aspects of his work, a bibliography of important and recent publications.

    The site is under permanent construction. Suggestions for improvement, additions to the bibliography and short essays are very welcome. Please contact Jan Willem Drijvers (

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    Open Access Publication of the Proceedings of the 2nd ICAANE

    Proceedings of the 2nd ICAANE
    Ingolf Thuesen, Editor
    The 2 ICAANE drew some 500-600 participants and a rich set of presentations, which are here published in two volumes, organized in 7 sections. The first 5 sections are included in vol. 1: (1) The Environment; (2) Images of Gods and Humans; (3) The Tell; (4) Excavation Reports and Summaries; and (5) Varia (Chronology, Technology, and Artifacts). Vol. 2 comprises two sections, both on archaeology of the Islamic era.
    Published in:
    OrientLab Special Issues
    The Special Issues of OrientLab are open access publications on the ancient Near East that neither belong to a specific series nor follow a standard format. Works by individual authors will be peer-reviewed; collective works will be accepted with reserve by the Editor, provided they meet scholarly standars and the criterium of the usefulness to the scientific community.
    Further Information on the International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

    Program of the 2nd ICAANE, Copenhagen, 22-26 May 2000

    Open Access Journal: Litterae Caelestes

    Litterae Caelestes
    ISSN: 1825-9189
    Litterae Caelestes
    Litterae Caelestes is an international peer-reviewed journal of paleography, codicology, diplomatics, and the history of written records. It includes scholarly articles, brief communications, reviews of articles and books, and reports on work in progress. Each issue is richly illustrated and fully indexed.
    One issue appears each year. The print version is produced in Italy. This digital version is produced in collaboration with the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) at UCLA.