Wednesday, December 7, 2016


This project encodes the Bible in TEI, starting with the John and Mathew Gospels, Apocalypse, Genesis, Ruth, Jonah, 75 Psalms, Acts, Malachi and Haggai in Spanish. José Calvo Tello started this project because the Bible is a interesting text that speaks to everyone, and XML-TEI makes possible to listen the text in new ways.
And because I didn't find any XML-TEI Version of the Bible with information below the verse level like direct speech or entities.
The project has started encoding:
  • Chapter, pericopes and verses
  • References to peoples, places, times, groups and books, using ids
  • Direct speech, including who is communicating, to whom and how (written, oral, prayer...)
This project also includes some other files:
  • Scheme to control the XML-TEI
  • CSS to visualize the text in Browser and correct it
  • Some files of documentation
  • XSLT and Python scripts to extract some interesting information
  • The resulting data and visualizations
  • CSV file (ontology.csv) to control the ids used
My work in this project and its markup are published under Creative Commons Licence BY Attribution 4.0 International.

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