Saturday, December 10, 2016

Open Access Journal: Hey!Zeus! The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Classics

[First posted in AWOL 7 October 2013, updates (with links to the Internet Archive) 10 December 2016]

Hey!Zeus! The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Classics
Founded in 2000 by two classical civilization majors, Charlie Edel and Samuel Butt, Hey! Zeus! is the Yale Undergraduate Journal of the Classics. Twice every academic year we publish undergraduate writings on all areas of western antiquity, from history and archaeology to literature and philosophy.
Titlepage, Masthead, and Table of Contents

Homer and Oral PoetrySarah Price CC '07
Penelope as Meditation Lucas Kwong ES '07
Minoan Art: A Celebration of Movement Brittany McClinton TC '05
The Progression of Humanity Through the Image of LeavesJulie Swerdlow DC '07
The Relationship of Philosophy and Art in Plato's RepublicTejas Srinivas PC '07
Prometheus in Words: Lucian's Refutation of the Greek Religious Tradition Lucas Wood PC '06
Reviews: Manfred Bietak Brittany McClinton TC '05
Ludi et Nugae Caroline Craig TD '07
Past Issues Online 
Spring 2003
Winter 2002

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