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La Babylonie et l'Iran : les relations d'une province avec le coeur de l'Empire achéménide

Gauthier Tolini  

PhD Dissertation, 2011

Egyptological Museum Search

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Brief introduction to the bookmarklet. 

The Egyptological museum search is a PHP tool aimed to facilitate locating the descriptions and images of ancient Egyptian objects in online catalogues of major museums. Online catalogues (ranging from selections of highlights to complete digital inventories) are now offered by almost all major museums holding ancient Egyptian items and have become indispensable in research work. Yet the variety of web interfaces and of search rules may overstrain any person performing many searches in different online catalogues.

Egyptological museum search was made to provide a single search point for finding objects by their inventory numbers in major collections of Egyptian antiquities that have online catalogues. It tries to convert user input into search queries recognised by museums’ websites. (Thus on museum websites, stela Geneva D 50 should be searched as “D 0050,” statue Vienna ÄS 5046 as “AE_INV_5046,” and coffin Turin Suppl. 5217 as “S. 05217.” Egyptological museum search aims to allow searching for inventory numbers in the form, in which they are cited in scholarly literature.) The following online catalogues are supported:

Short nameFull nameFree license
AberdeenUniversity Museums, The University of Aberdeen
Allard PiersonAllard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam
AshmoleanAshmolean Museum, Oxfordfree for non-commercial educational purposes
BerkeleyPhoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
BerlinThe Berlin Egyptian MuseumCC BY-NC-SA
Bibliotheca AlexandrinaBibliotheca Alexandrina Antiquities Museum
BMBritish MuseumCC BY-NC-SA
BolognaThe Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna
BoltonBolton Museum
BostonMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston
BristolBristol Museum & Art Gallery
BrooklynBrooklyn MuseumCC BY (low-resolution images)
BruxellesRoyal Museums of Art and History, Brussels
BudapestMuseum of Fine Arts, Budapest
ClevelandThe Cleveland Museum of ArtCC 0
DurhamOriental Museum, Durham University
EdinburghNational Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
Field MuseumField Museum, Chicago
FitzwilliamThe Fitzwilliam Museum, University of CambridgeCC BY-NC-ND (low-resolution images)
GenèveThe Museum of Art and History of the City of Genevaroyalty-free use acknowledging the copyright
Glasgow HunterianHunterian Museum Archaeology & Ethnography Collections, Glasgow
JerusalemIsrael Museum, Jerusalem
KøbenhavnNational Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
LeidenNational Museum of Antiquities, Leiden (Egyptological museum search can search by both inventory and Leemans numbers)CC BY
Liverpool WMWorld Museum, National Museums Liverpool
Los Angeles County MuseumLos Angeles County Museum of Art
LouvreThe Louvre, Paris
LyonMuseum of Fine Arts, Lyon
MadridNational Archaeological Museum, Madrid
ManchesterThe Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester
MMAThe Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkCC 0
MoscowThe Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
Ny CarlsbergNy Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
OIMOriental Institute Museum, The University of Chicago
PhiladelphiaThe University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia
San JoseThe Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose
StockholmMuseum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm
SwanseaThe Egypt Centre Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Swansea University
SydneyNicholson Museum, The University of Sydney
TorinoEgyptian Museum, TurinCC BY
TorontoRoyal Ontario Museum, Toronto
UCThe Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College LondonCC BY-NC-SA (low-resolution images)
WaltersThe Walters Art Museum, BaltimoreCC 0
WarszawaThe National Museum in WarsawCC 0
WashingtonNational Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian, Washington
WienThe Museum of Art History, ViennaCC BY-NC-SA
Note: NC licenses virtually only allow using images in presentations and theses. CC 0 and CC BY allow using images in printed publications and on websites.

Search forwarding is not yet supported for Global Egyptian Museum and Bible and Orient Museum, Fribourg.

More information on Egyptian collections can be found online on Trismegistos, Artefacts of Excavation, and

The tool can be used in two ways. First, one may use the online search interface. One may select the museum, enter the searched inventory number in the box, and press “Search.” Then the browser is redirected either to the object desription in the online museum catalogue or to a search results page on the museum website. Second, one may send HTTP GET queries to the Egyptological museum search in order to connect it to a one’s own online or offline application by creating query URLs of the following form: number)

In order to provide compatibility with other databases, which may use different designations of the museums, Egyptological museum search supports a number of aliases. Examples of query URLs: 127 York, Metropolitan Museum of Art&no=56.136 1374

In case you wish to adapt Egyptological museum search for the needs of a different discipline, you may make use of its source code published on Github.


Egyptological museum search | Impressum


Le sanctuaire d’Allat à Palmyre (=PAM Monograph Series 8)

Michał Gawlikowski

Michał Gawlikowski, Le sanctuaire d’Allat à Palmyre (=PAM Monograph Series 8), Warsaw: PCMA UW, WUP, 2017

Warsaw 2017
ISBN 978-83-235-3493-8 (print)
ISBN 978-83-235-3501-0 (online)
298 pages
Soft cover with flaps

In 1975, news of an exceptional discovery in Palmyra rapidly made the rounds within the scholarly community. Digging the ruins of a small sanctuary, archaeologists from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw uncovered a very well preserved statue of the goddess Athena, identified in Palmyra with the tribal goddess Allat. This Arabian deity did not hold a leading position in the Palmyrene pantheon, yet was deeply worshipped by the local Arab tribes.

The book by archaeologist Michał Gawlikowski, the excavator who made the discovery and lecturer at the University of Warsaw, eminent scholar and expert on Palmyra and its antiquities, brings an in-depth study of this statue, set in a detailed examination of the architectural evidence for the sanctuary itself, which existed from the 1st through the 4th century AD. The author reconstructs successive stages in the development of this cult place and the respective architectural decor. The volume, in French, is an excellent example of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of archaeological excavation data, compared and critically analyzed in the context of a discussion on epigraphic and numismatic sources, reaching also into the fields of art. history and religious studies.

For download:
Full Text (PDF)



Open Access Monograph Series: Florilegium Marianum

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer la mise en ligne de la version pdf (complète) des volumes 1 à 9 de la série Florilegium marianum. 

Pour ceux souhaitant soutenir financièrement ces publications, nous proposons ces ouvrages au téléchargement au prix unitaire de 5 euros. Vous pouvez acheter les PDF en cliquant sur les liens ci-dessous.

J.-M. Durand (éd.), Florilegium marianum. Recueil d’études en l’honneur de Michel Fleury. Mémoires de NABU 1, 1992.

D. Charpin et J.-M. Durand (éd.), Florilegium marianum II. Recueil d’études à la mémoire de Maurice Birot. Mémoires de NABU 3, 1994.

D. Charpin et J.-M. Durand (éd.), Florilegium marianum III. Recueil d’études à la mémoire de Marie-Thérèse Barrelet. Mémoires de NABU 4, 1997.

N. Ziegler, Florilegium marianum IV. Le Harem de Zimrî-Lîm. Mémoires de NABU 5, 1999.

D. Charpin et N. Ziegler, Florilegium marianum V. Mari et le Proche-Orient à l’époque amorrite. Essai d’histoire politique. Mémoires de NABU 6, 2003.

D. Charpin et J.-M. Durand (éd.), Florilegium marianum VI. Recueil d’études à la mémoire d’André Parrot. Mémoires de NABU 7, 2002.

J.-M. Durand, Florilegium marianum VII. Le Culte d’Addu d’Alep et l’affaire d’Alahtum. Mémoires de NABU 8, 2002.

J.-M. Durand, Florilegium marianum VIII. Le Culte des pierres et les monuments commémoratifs en Syrie amorrite. Mémoires de NABU 9, 2005.

N. Ziegler, Florilegium marianum IX. Les Musiciens et la musique d’après les archives de Mari. Mémoires de NABU 10, 2007.

Pour télécharger les ouvrages gratuitement :

FM 1

FM 2

FM 3 

FM 4

FM 5

FM 6

FM 7

FM 8 

FM 9 


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Open Access Journal: Plato Journal

ISSN: 2079-7567   
e-ISSN: 2183-4105
					View Vol. 22 (2021): Plato Journal #22
The aim of this journal is to promote international dialogue on Plato across different languages and scholarly approaches. The journal has been established by the International Plato Society, founded in 1989. The Society also holds triennial symposia and occasional additional activities and supports regional Plato Societies. It also sponsors the publication of scholarly books on Plato, in collaboration with Academia Verlag, Sankt Augustin. It is open to all Plato scholars world-wide to read this journal, to make responses to the papers (which should be sent to the Editor and are subject to editorial moderation), and, in due course, to submit papers for inclusion in the journal. The languages of the journal are those of the International Plato Society, namely English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Thanks to a great effort from our Publisher House, Coimbra University Press, the old volumes of our journal from the very first 2001 issue, are now available in the new format, with proper metadata and properly indexed.

The first 12 volumes of Plato Journal are gathered on line in the new website here.

Vol. 22 (2021): Plato Journal #22
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Open Access Mongraph Series: Denkschriften (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse)


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Open Access Monograph Series: Publications of the Egyptian Research Account and British School of Archaeology in Egypt

Publications of the Egyptian Research Account and British School of Archaeology in Egypt

Historical studies 19

Author: Knobel, E. B.Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders)Sir, 1853-1942Midgley, W. W.Milne, J. G. (Joseph Grafton), 1867-1951Murray, Margaret Alice.
Publisher: School of Archaeology in Egypt, University College
Place of Publication: London
Date of Publication: 1911

Meydum and Memphis (III) 18

Author: Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders)Sir, 1853-1942Wainwright, G. A. (Gerald Averay)Mackay, Ernest John Henry, 1880-1943
Publisher: School of Archaeology in Egypt, University College
Place of Publication: London
Date of Publication: 1910

The palace of Apries (Memphis II) 17

Author: Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders)Sir, 1853-1942Walker, J. H.
Publisher: School of archaeology in Egypt, University College
Place of Publication: London
Date of Publication: 1909

Roman portraits and Memphis (IV) 20

Author: Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders)Sir, 1853-1942
Publisher: School of Archaeology in Egypt, University College
Place of Publication: London
Date of Publication: 1911

Tarkhan I and Memphis V 23

Author: Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders)Sir, 1853-1942Wainwright, G. A. (Gerald Averay)Gardiner, Alan HendersonSir, 1879-1963
Publisher: School of Archaeology in Egypt, University College
Place of Publication: London
Date of Publication: 1913

Tools and weapons illustrated by the Egyptian collection in University college, London, and 2,000 outlines from other sources 30

Author: Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders)Sir, 1853-1942
Publisher: British school of archaeology in Egypt [etc.]
Place of Publication: London
Date of Publication: 1917

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