Friday, October 1, 2021

Telamon: Online Library of the Ancient Greek Inscriptions from Bulgaria

 [First posted in AWOL 15 March 2013, updated (new URLs) 1 October 2021]

Telamon: Online Library of the Ancient Greek Inscriptions from Bulgaria


The aim of the Telamon project initiated by the Department of Classics to St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia is to create a digital library of the ancient Greek inscriptions found in Bulgaria. Their number is over 4000 and they have been created over the span of more than eleven centuries (6. c. BC - 6. c. AD). The inscriptions dating up to the 4. c. AD are published by Georgi Mihailov in the 5-volume corpus "Inscriptiones Graecae in Bulgaria repertae" (1956-1997), while the late antique inscriptions are edited by Vesselin Beshevliev in “Spätgriechische und spätlateinische Inschriften aus Bulgarien” (1964). Our goal is to revise these editions as well as to add to them monuments discovered later and often scattered through various, sometimes inaccessible, publications. For the first time these monuments are now being collected into a bilingual digital corpus with translations added. Their revisions, corrections, the publications of new inscriptions and also the commentaries are the result of the scholarly research of Nicolay Sharankov.

Apart from the unrestricted access to all the available epigraphic documentation, the digital database allows the constant enlargement and updating of the information, as well as the establishing of various relations between the documents and searches according to different criteria.

The Telamon platform aids the study of the ancient history, culture and languages of Antiquity in the region of today’s Bulgaria and also of Graeco-Roman civilisation as a whole.


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