Saturday, October 9, 2021

Mycenaean Atlas Project: Guide to Posts that concern finding site locations in Greece

I've written a number of posts in the last few years (over two different blogs) that concern the location of various BA sites in Greece and how I found them (or didn't).  Here I present a list of those posts which should make it easier to find them all. 

 Aigialea (Achaea) (C5004, C5005, C5006, C5008)

Amarynthos: Palaiochora (Euboea) (C1223)

Chalandritsa Region of Achaea : (C653, C654, etc.)

Galatos and Stalos, Crete (C5762, C5763)

Lambaina Quarry (Messenia, C131)

Malesina, Hagios Georgios (Locris) (C5169)

Metsiphi on Euboea (C6878, etc.)

Orchomenos (Boeotia) and Lake Copais 

Tithorea, etc. (C5152)

Valta in Messenia


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