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CDLI Newsletter 2021/2: October 2021

CDLI Newsletter 2021/2: October 2021
We are excited to announce that the CDLI and Achemenet
, and its specific sub-program called
DCA (Déchiffrement du Cunéiforme Achéménide) dealing with the whole
corpus of Babylonian cuneiform texts of the Persian period, have
signed a Memorandum of Understanding (on October 13), to work on the
harmonisation of our catalogues and to ensure that persistent links
between the two projects are established and maintained.

As always, we are grateful for ATF transliterations contributions from
colleagues; since January, we have received new texts and corrections
from or credited to: Barjamovic, Bramanti, Carr, Crisostomo, Dahl,
dejong Ellis, de Ridder, Englund, Firth, Foldi, Foxvog, Galador,
Girardi,  Guidi, Haddad, Hunger, Jagersma, Lafont, Laessoe, Liu,
Michalowski, Musgrave, Ozaki, Pagé-Perron, Pingree, Roth, Suurmeijer,
Weeden, Woestenburg, and Zolyomi.

In this newsletter we would like to highlight the contributions of
Bram Jagersma and Jamie Novotny who are providing substantial amounts
of corrections and additions to the Old Babylonian and Neo Assyrian
files in the CDLI.

CDLI is dependent on feedback, contributions and corrections from
users and we are grateful for all of these.

We continue to process and upload legacy data collected before the
pandemic (National Museum of Iran, Tehran; Ashmolean Museum; Cornell
Collection), and have recently uploaded or updated more than 10,000
images of cuneiform tablets and seals.

CDLI was recently awarded a small grant from the John Fell fund of the
University of Oxford to upgrade our server infrastructure at the
Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, and for continued
development of the New Framework for the CDLI.

During the pandemic the General Fund for Assyriology at Wolfson
College Oxford, endowed through a generous gift to the College, has
supported student assistants working on various projects for the CDLI.

CDLI continues to work on improving its coverage of seals and seal
impressions, generously supported by the Getty Museum Director’s Fund.
Recent work includes materials testing of seals in the Ashmolean
museum, alignment of materials designations in the CDLI catalog with
the Getty typologies for materials, and collection of legacy data for
seals, and posting to web.

Since January, four Bulletin articles have been published, which can
be consulted here: <>

Johandi, A., Sazonov, V. & Fink, S. “A Neo-Sumerian Administrative
Tablet in the University of Tartu Art Museum.” CDLB 2021:4.
Abaslou, S. & Zamani, A. “Newly Found Inscribed Elamite Bricks of
Untaš-Napiriša in the Čahār Fasl Museum of Arak”. CDLB 2021:3.
Mohr, S. & Thompson S. M. “A Selection of Tablets and Cones from Brown
University”. CDLB 2021:2.
Liu Ch. “Six Neo-Sumerian Texts in the Boston Public Library”. CDLB 2021:1.

We have also published one Journal article (go here
<> for the CDLJ):

Rattenborg, R., Johansson, C., Nett, S., Ryberg Smidt, G. & Andersson, J.
“An Open Access Index for the Geographical Distribution of the
Cuneiform Corpus”. CDLJ 2021:1.

Finally, our pre-print service continues to attract high quality
submissions, new submissions can be found here

Huber, Peter J. Third Millennium BC Chronology and Clock-Time
Correction. CDLP 22.
Brunke, Hagan. On Systems of the Second Degree — Some Thoughts (and a
Lot of Pictures). CDLP 21.

On behalf of the CDLI
Jacob Dahl, Bertrand Lafont, and Émilie Pagé-Perron


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