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Open Access Journal: Teiresias: A Review and Bibliography of Boiotian Studies

[First posted in AWOL 9 November 2009. Updated 9 August 2020]

Teiresias: A Review and Bibliography of Boiotian Studies
ISSN; 1206-5730
Teiresias is a review and continuing bibliography of Boiotian studies (ISSN 1206-5730). It is published twice a year. The core of the journal is its bibliography, but it also publishes archaeological reports, announcements of scholarly events and a Work in Progress section. Since 2000 the journal has carried regular reports of the work of the Ancient Cities of Boeotia Survey Project, as well as reports of the work of the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project (EBAP), and the Archaeological Reconnaissance of Uninvestigated Remains of Agriculture (AROURA). From 1976 to 1986 an epigraphic appendix (Epigraphica) was published by the late Paul Roesch. The epigraphic appendix was relaunched in 2016. The journal also maintains a series of Supplements. Since 2016, supplement volumes appear as Teiresias Supplements Online (TSO), edited by Hans Beck and Fabienne Marchand.  
Coming out of McGill University in Montreal, the journal appeared first in 1971, and has been published steadily since then. From 1971 to 1979 it was produced under the joint editorship of Albert Schachter and John Fossey. Albert Schachter has been the sole editor since 1980. From 2016 Teiresias is edited by Fabienne Marchand.
Teiresias was published in print until 1990, and since 1991 has been an online publication, distributed free of charge. Users should register with the editor to have their names added to a mailing list in order to receive notification of the publication of the latest issue. All back issues are available for download here.
Teiresias Archaeologica 3 (1980, file 1 --- file 2)

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