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Open Access Journal: Archaeology / Археология

Списание „Археология” е орган на Националния археологически институт с музей на Българската академия на науките. Основано е през 1959 г. като периодично издание, посветено на теренната и научноизследователска работа на българските археолози.

Пръв и дългогодишен главен редактор на „Археология” е акад. Д. П. Димитров, който създава формата на списанието.

То започва да излиза в 4 книжки годишно със следните рубрики: Статии, Публикации, Музейно дело и консервации, Лекции и консултации, Критика и рецензии и Преглед.


Open Access Journal: Mitekufat Haeven: Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society / מתקופת האבן

ISSN: 0334-3839

In keeping with the goals of the Israel Prehistoric Society, the Journal provides as outlet for researches on the prehistoric archaeology of Israel and adjacent regions. It actively solicits the publication of the basic descriptive data of prehistory, excavation and survey reports and material analyses, believing that this niche is a crucial one often lost in larger journals searching for the overarching larger pictures. We believe that without that basic data, we lose our legitimacy in scholarship. Of course, synthetic essays and reviews are welcome as well.



Open Access Journal: Avar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Life and Society in the Ancient Near East

ISSN: 2752-3527 (Print)
ISSN: 2752-3535 (Online) 

Avar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Life and Society in the Ancient Near East is a bi-annual open-access journal dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed scholarship on Anatolia, Egypt, the Levant, and Mesopotamia in the second and first millennia BCE that crosses and disrupts disciplinary boundaries. 

Submissions should explicitly seek to adopt, adapt, or integrate theories and methodologies from within the traditional fields of ancient studies (i.e. archaeology, Assyriology, biblical studies, Egyptology, Hittitology, etc.), as well as from socio-anthropological and scientific disciplines. 

Avar accepts traditional length articles and short notes in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Special Issue: Deviance in the Ancient Near East
Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)

Published: 2022-01-28





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Open Access Journal: ISAW Newsletter

[First posted in AWOL 18 December 2013, updated 30 Januarty  2022]

ISAW Newsletter (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)
ISAW periodically publishes a print newsletter containing updates on research and teaching. PDF copies are available here for download (requires Adobe Reader or another PDF-capable program): 
Fall 2021

Open Access Journal: Atlantís - review

 [First posted in AWOL 11 May 2018, updates 30 January 2022]

Atlantís - review
e-ISSN: 2183-4326

Cabeçalho da página
A ATLANTÍS divulga de forma agregada as recensões disponíveis nas revistas alojadas na plataforma digital Impactum da Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, com o objetivo de promover a visibilidade da investigação e a transferência do saber. As recensões cobrem um leque variado de temas e perspetivas de abordagem (literatura, cultura, história antiga, arqueologia, história da arte, filosofia, língua e linguística), mantendo embora como denominador comum os Estudos Clássicos e sua projeção na Idade Média, Renascimento e receção na atualidade.
ATLANTÍS makes available in aggregated form book reviews published in journals hosted at the digital platform Impactum of Coimbra University Press, with the objective of promoting the visibility of research and the transfer of knowledge. The reviews cover a wide range of topics and approaches (literature, culture, ancient history, archaeology, art history, philosophy, language and linguistics), while maintaining as common denominator the world of Classical Antiquity and its projection in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as its reception in modern times.

Vol. 43 (2022)


Open Access Journal: Papyrologica Lupiensia

[First posted 1 October 2011, updated  30 January March 2022]

Papyrologica Lupiensia
ISSN: 1591-2140
e-ISSN: 1591-2221
Papyrologica Lupiensia è una pubblicazione del Dipartimento di Filologia Classica e di Scienze Filosofiche dell'Università del Salento e del Centro Interdipartimentale di Studi Papirologici.
In questa rivista confluiscono i risultati delle ricerche promosse e sostenute dalla Cattedra di Papirologia e dall'insegnamento di Papirologia Ercolanese dell'Ateneo leccese.La rivista nasce nel 1991 ed ha periodicità annuale.

E' consultabile online a partire dal vol. 17/2008.

La versione elettronica è pubblicata dal Coordinamento SIBA dell'Università del Salento ed è accessibile all'indirizzo


Frontespizio e pagine iniziali Details     PDF


What perspectives for archaeology today in Egypt? The case of Soknopaiou Nesos (Dime es-Seba) Details     PDF
Mario Capasso 5-12

Biographie, Werk und Rezeption des Cornelius Gallus: Ein neues Gesamtbild Details     PDF
Pierluigi Leone Gatti 13-32

Selection of Literature extracts in School Manuals Details     PDF
Grace Ioannidou 33-44

Tell-tale heads: The office of kephalaiotes in the papyri Details     PDF
Angeliki Syrkou 45-58

Some Remarks on the Legal Status of the Unborn and the Newborn in Greco-Roman Egypt: Human Being or Future Heir? Details     PDF
Marianna Thoma 59-80

The Hedgehog Goddess Abaset Details     PDF
Walid Shaikh Al Arab 81-102

Schede bibliografiche e recensioni Details     PDF


Palaeographia Papyrologica XVI (2018-2019) Details     PDF
Serena Ammirati 105-112

Libri ricevuti Details     PDF


Indice Details     PDF


Norme per i collaboratori Details     PDF


Colophon Details     PDF


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Open Access Journal: Les Nouvelles de l’archéologie

 [First posted in AWOL 17 January 2017, updated 29 January 2022]

Les Nouvelles de l’archéologie
ISSN: 0242-7702
ISSN électronique: 2425-1941
Fondée en 1979, la revue se veut à la fois un lieu de débat et le reflet des évolutions de la discipline. Quatre fois par an, elle présente aujourd’hui des problématiques scientifiques de pointe, sous forme de dossiers et dans une perspective internationale. Les articles peuvent être sollicités par la revue ou émaner de propositions spontanées. Ils sont soumis au comité de lecture qui peut demander des modifications. L’abondance d’information peut conduire à différer la publication d’un article de six mois.
More about this picture
ISBN 978-2-7351-2728-3

Full text issues

Open Access Monograph Series: CICERO: Studies on Roman Thought and Its Reception

ISSN: 2567-0158
e-ISSN 2567-0166
CICERO – Studies on Roman Thought and Its Reception features monographs, edited volumes, text editions, and commentaries in all areas of Roman philosophy, history, rhetoric, politics, law, culture, and their reception, including patristics and Christian philosophy.

This thematically wide-ranging and interdisciplinary series was named after Marcus Tullius Cicero, who was not only a politician but also an influential orator and philosopher.

The peer-reviewed series is published by the Patrum Lumen Sustine foundation in Basel under the scholarly direction of the Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron (SIAC, Paris).

  • Compiled by: Veronica Revello
  • Funded by: Patrum Lumen Sustine-Stiftung (PLuS)
  • Edited by: Ermanno Malaspina 
book: Reading Cicero’s Final Years
Book Open Access 2020
Volume 3 in this series
book: La fine del mondo nel ›De rerum natura‹ di Lucrezio
Book Open Access 2020
Volume 2 in this series
book: Portraying Cicero in Literature, Culture, and Politics
Book Open Access 2022
Volume 4 in this series

 And see AWOL's Alphabetical List of Open Access Monograph Series in Ancient Studies


Objects for Eternity - Ancient Egyptian Art


The Arnold Meijer Archives of Egyptian Art


These archives of Egyptian Antiquities aim to facilitate the academic and private study of our rich heritage. It provides an overview of objects from the art market as well as from selected literature and museum collections.

Most of the art market entries are assembled from the important auction houses. The majority are from the period 1980 to the present; roughly the last four decennia. This mainly concerns objects that travel between private collections and otherwise remained unpublished. As a result, it is challenging to study these objects and it is hoped that these archives can contribute to this, although they do not pretend to be complete. All files can be downloaded free of charge.

Objects being included does not necessarily imply authenticity. Among the pieces on the free market there are undoubtedly also recent imitations that have not been recognized as such. Also the dating provided may be erroneous. The files from the art market refer to their source and the publication date if applicable.

The main abbreviations used are:

BO-LOBonhams London
CH-LOChristie's London
CH-NYChristie's New York
DR-PADrouot Paris
HV-MCHotel de Ventes Monte Carlo
PB-PAPierre Bergé Paris
PB-NYPark Bernet New York
SO-LOSotheby's London
SO-NYSotheby's New York

Selected further indications:

Antiquarian New York
Boisgirard Auction Paris
Cahn Auktionen Basel
Charles Ede Gallery London
Harmakhis Ancient Art Brussels
Medusa Ancient Art Montreal
Merrin Gallery New York
Millon Auction Paris
Phoenix Ancient Art Geneva
Piasa Auction Paris
Royal Athena New York
Rupert Wace London
Safani Gallery New York
Slitine Auction Paris
Tajan Auction Paris

Stone Vessels

Predynastic to the Middle Kingdom

1448 images


Old Kingdom to Late Periods
Human forms

1655 images


Figures of Small Sculpture
Online soon

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Open Access Monograph Series: Materiale Textkulturen [Material Text Cultures]

[First posted in AWOL 26 August 2017, updates 28 January 2022]

Materiale Textkulturen [Material Text Cultures]
Ed. by Lieb, Ludger
eISSN: 2198-6940
The series Material Text Cultures is the publication organ of the identically named Collaborative Research Center 993 at Heidelberg University. The series publishes anthologies and monographs dedicated to the  Collaborative Research Center’s main focus of research – that is, the materiality and presence of the written in non-typographic societies.