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Archive of the Department of Antiquities of Mandatory Palestine (1919 – 1948)

The Archive of the Department of Antiquities of Mandatory Palestine includes several sections:
  • The core of the archive is administrative and scientific files that document the work on preservation and exploration of archaeological sites and historical monuments. The scientific record files (SRF) and administrative files (ATQ) are organized by site/monument name, while the catalogue preserves the original British transcription of the Arabic place names.
  • Special subject files, such as town-planning committees, regional data, the Palestine Archeological Museum, etc.
  • Legacies of the archaeologists of the Department of Antiquities (see ) and notebooks of the inspectors.
  • Administrative archive of the Palestine Archaeological Museum (today: Rockefeller Museum) and the Department of Antiquities (on topics not directly related to antiquities).

Administrative (ATQ) and Scientific (SRF) Files on Archaeological Sites and Historical Monuments

All 7683 files in this section are digitized. Only a part of them is available online, but the process of cataloguing and uploading files is ongoing. Routinely, all records of a site are uploaded simultaneously. If you cannot find any records of a site, or if the site is not listed, please contact the Archive Director at

Special subject files

All files are digitized; to date, only some of them are available online. All inquiries regarding this section should be sent to

All other collections

If you wish to access other sections of the archive, please contact us at

Unless otherwise stated, the Israel Antiquities Authority holds the copyright on all digital copies of the documents. Commercial use or publication of these holdings is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the Israel Antiquities Authority. If you intend to use the documents for research and teaching, please inform us in writing, addressed to
Credit line(s)/copyright notice for the material: Material from the Archive of the Department of Antiquities of the Mandatory Palestine was used Courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Sakhnin, File SRF 167. British Mandate Scientific Record Files, Israel Antiquities Authority Archives.
Caesarea, File ATQ 226. British Mandate Administrative ATQ Files, Israel Antiquities Authority Archives.



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