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Open Acess Journal: Anatolian Archaeological Studies

ISSN: 1345-7829 
Kaman-Kalehoyuk 1

Anatolian Archaeological Studies was launched in 1992 to disseminate the results of the archaeological excavation research at Kaman-Kalehöyük and the general archaeological survey in Central Anatolia. The journal is published once a year and the latest volume is XVII.

Volumes I through VIII were published in Japanese. Since volume IX (2000), the journal has been published mainly in English, aiming to provide the results to a wide audience and to open discussions with non-Japanese researchers.

As new research projects are conducted by Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology, the journal will also publish these new projects, not only the work at Kaman-Kalehöyük.

Anatolian Archaeological Studies Vol. I

Back issues of Anatolian Archaeological Studies

Volume   Year   

I 1992

II 1993

III 1994

IV 1995

V 1996

VI 1997

VII 1998


IX 2000

X 2001

XI 2002

XII 2003

XIII 2004






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