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The Arnold Meijer Archives of Egyptian Art


These archives of Egyptian Antiquities aim to facilitate the academic and private study of our rich heritage. It provides an overview of objects from the art market as well as from selected literature and museum collections.

Most of the art market entries are assembled from the important auction houses. The majority are from the period 1980 to the present; roughly the last four decennia. This mainly concerns objects that travel between private collections and otherwise remained unpublished. As a result, it is challenging to study these objects and it is hoped that these archives can contribute to this, although they do not pretend to be complete. All files can be downloaded free of charge.

Objects being included does not necessarily imply authenticity. Among the pieces on the free market there are undoubtedly also recent imitations that have not been recognized as such. Also the dating provided may be erroneous. The files from the art market refer to their source and the publication date if applicable.

The main abbreviations used are:

BO-LOBonhams London
CH-LOChristie's London
CH-NYChristie's New York
DR-PADrouot Paris
HV-MCHotel de Ventes Monte Carlo
PB-PAPierre Bergé Paris
PB-NYPark Bernet New York
SO-LOSotheby's London
SO-NYSotheby's New York

Selected further indications:

Antiquarian New York
Boisgirard Auction Paris
Cahn Auktionen Basel
Charles Ede Gallery London
Harmakhis Ancient Art Brussels
Medusa Ancient Art Montreal
Merrin Gallery New York
Millon Auction Paris
Phoenix Ancient Art Geneva
Piasa Auction Paris
Royal Athena New York
Rupert Wace London
Safani Gallery New York
Slitine Auction Paris
Tajan Auction Paris

Stone Vessels

Predynastic to the Middle Kingdom

1448 images


Old Kingdom to Late Periods
Human forms

1655 images


Figures of Small Sculpture
Online soon

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