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Open Access Journal: Вестник древней истории

ISSN: 0321-0391


The Vestnik drevnei istorii (VDI, Journal of Ancient History, Revue d’Histoire Ancienne) is a leading Russian academic journal in the field of ancient history and related disciplines. Founded in 1937, the VDI is Russia’s oldest scholarly history journal that continues to be published. From the autumn of 1937 till March of 1941, it also accepted papers on the history of the Slavs, Byzantium, and Ancient Russia. After a break during the World War, it has been appearing quarterly since 1946. 
Since 1938, the journal has been edited in the Institute of History (since 1968, Institute of World History) of the Soviet (since 1991, Russian) Academy of Sciences. It was published by the United State Publishing House [OGIZ] (1937–1941) and the Publishing House of the Soviet/Russian Academy of Sciences [“Nauka”] (1946 – present). 
The editors-in-chief were Alexander Svanidze (1937), Alexander Mishulin (1938-1948), Sergey Kiselyov (1949-1962), Vassily Struve (1962-1965), Sergey Utchenko (1965-1976), Zinaida Udaltsova (1976-1987), Gregory Bongard-Levin (1988-2008), Askold Ivantchik (2009 – present).

In 1937-1947, the VDI had the French subtitle Revue d’histoire ancienne and summaries in French. Since 1967 it has the English subtitle Journal of Ancient History and summaries in English.

Вестник древней истории 4 (81)

Номер 4 (81) от 2021 года


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