Monday, October 1, 2012

Open Access Journal: Almatourism

[First posted in AWOL 30 September 2010. Most recently updated 16 July 2014]

Almatourism: Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development
ISSN: 2036-5195
The aim of the journal on the relationship is an international platform for the development of transdisciplinary studies between tourism, culture and territorial development. Almatourism aims to improve the convergence and the integration of different disciplines studying the tourism sector, and an instrument to disseminate internationally the research and academic results, with special attention of the Neo-latin and Mediterranean area.

In particular, the Journal publishes articles concerning tourism-related cultural issues, both at the theoretical and practical level. Different disciplinary approaches are present, such as history, geography, economics, statistics, sociology, environment studies, law, and more in general all the approaches in the social sciences and humanities field.

The articles are published in English and Italian; there will be also the possibility to accept contributions in English and other languages, such as French, Spanish, or German.


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