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Godin Tepe Repository

Godin Tepe is an archaeological site located in the Kangavar Valley of the Zagros Mountains of northwestern Iran. The site was occupied more or less continuously from the Early Chalcolithic period in about 5,000 BC to the late Iron Age in about 500 BC. Godin was excavated over the course of five field seasons from 1965 to 1973 by a team directed by the late T. Cuyler Young Jr., under the auspices of the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum. In 2005, a major publication project was undertaken under the direction of Hilary Gopnik, to sort, analyze, and make available to scholars the abundant data that emerged from these excavations. In 2011, this project culminated in the publication of the final report on the site: On the High Road: The History of Godin Tepe, Iran by Hilary Gopnik and Mitchell Rothman (ROM Publications and Mazda Press). This T-Space community is intended to complement that publication by providing details of the excavation and artifacts that limitations of space made impossible to include in book form. It is our hope that the combined format of the book for analytical interpretation and this archive for detailed records will provide all the data required by scholars.
The major occupation periods at Godin are:
Periods XI-VI (c. 5200-3800 BC)
Period VI: phases 3-1 (c. 3800-3000 BC) (note that Period VI:1 was called Period V in early reports of the site)
Period IV: phases 2-1 (c. 2800-2600 BC)
Period III: phases 6-1 (2600-1400 BC)
Period II: phases 2-1 (c. 800-500 BC)

This archive includes:

  • scanned copies of the original field records from the site including daily site supervisor logs, lot sheets, and preliminary plans
  • a complete list of registered objects from the site as well as photos of Godin objects owned by the Royal Ontario Museum
  • a list of the provenience codes for each main period of the site, that will allow researchers to place artifacts in their context of excavation, along with gridded plans with additional provenience information
  • complete pottery typologies for each period
  • complete reports from specialists about the metal, paleobotany, paleozoology, glyptic, tablets, 14C dates, and technical analyses of pottery which are presented in summary form in the book

The material in the Godin Tepe community is intended for personal and scholarly use only. The materials are protected by Canada’s Copyright Act, and by similar laws in other countries. Materials cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise exploited without further permission in writing from the copyright owner. Because the copyright for this material is owned by a variety of individuals and entities, each collection in the community contains specific information about whom to contact for permission to reproduce this material.

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