Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Latinitium in litteris humanum

Latinitium in litteris humanum

What we offer

Here at Latinitium our purpose is to provide a wide selection of eclectic resources for everyone learning and/or teaching Latin. Our focus lies primarily on helping people teach themselves Latin by way of reading, listening, speaking and writing.
We aim to create a home for all things Latin, containing everything you need on your journey through the Latin language. Among the resources you will find here are:
  • Articles on methology, literature and more.
  • Videos & Podcasts in Latin on language, literature and random subjects.
  • Videos of high quality spoken Latin
  • Latin audio books of both prose and poetry.
  • Links  with descriptions to the best resources out there
  • Easy Latin stories with audio (Coming soon!)
Our aim and ambition for Latinitium is quite large, but we are starting out small; we are working hard to add new resources all the time.

Latinitium PODCAST – A Podcast ALL IN LATIN

Latinitium podcast is a podcast on various subjects, ranging from random subjects to particular expressions, literature and tips for learning Latin. The podcast is all in Latin. The difficulty varies with the subjects but overall I've tried to keep it at an intermediate level. I have provided transcriptions to make it more accessible. It's also available on iTunes here??.


On the Latinitium blog I and others write on various subjects such as particularly useful books, Latin literature, methodology and anything Latin related.

And see also AWOL's  list of

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