Thursday, October 19, 2023

From Households to Empires: Papers in Memory of Bradley J. Parker

Edited by Jason R. Kennedy and Patrick Mullins

Bradley J. Parker made numerous contributions to the field of archaeology and Assyriology on a broad array of topics spanning six millennia of archaeological history in both ancient Mesopotamia and the Andes. His varied research interests included the archaeology of empires and imperial dynamics, frontiers and borderlands, households and micro-archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, aerial drone mapping, and the politics of archaeology and nationalism.

This volume contains a collection of essays from his friends, colleagues and former students that cover three broad themes: household archaeology, frontiers and borderlands, and the archaeology of empire. Our goal is to explore Bradley’s indelible legacy in the field of archaeology and how his work will contribute to academic discourses in the future.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Jason R. Kennedy

Chapter 2: Whose House? An Abridged Exploration in Household Archaeology
Jason R. Kennedy

Chapter 3: Household Activities at Ubaid Kenan Tepe: Revisiting the Burnt House
Marie Hopwood and Jason R. Kennedy

Chapter 4: Living with the Dead: Burial Practice at Kenan Tepe, Turkey, During the Ubaid Period
David E. Hopwood

Chapter 5: Living Amidst the Ruins: Continuities, Interruptions, and Memory in a 5th mill. BCE Village in the Kopet Dag Foothills
Susan Pollock and Ilia Heit

Chapter 6: Lithics in the Household: Obsidian Use at Kenan Tepe
Stuart Campbell and Elizabeth Healey

Chapter 7: Bureaucrats and Binaries: Household Archaeologies of Indigenous Andean Leadership
Scotti M. Norman and Kylie E. Quave

Chapter 8: Into the Borderlands
Patrick Mullins

Chapter 9: The Land that Time Forgot: Five Millennia of Settlement at Çadır Hoyuk on the Anatolian Plateau
Sharon R. Steadman, Jennifer C. Ross and Marica Cassis

Chapter 10: Out of the Shadow of the Texts: Reinvigorating Archaeology’s Role in Ancient Nubia and Modern Egyptology Through a Borderlands Perspective
Stuart Tyson Smith

Chapter 11: Dynamic Frontier Processes: Examples from Jordan and Peru
Aaron Gidding and Alicia Boswell

Chapter 12: Borderlands of the Moche Valley: The Chimú Phase (~900 – 1450s CE) Chaupiyunga and the Rise of Chimor
Patrick Mullins

Chapter 13: Migration, Settlement, and Warfare in the Prehispanic Nasca Highlands of Peru
Weston C. McCool

Chapter 14: Imperial Dynamics
Matthew J. Edwards

Chapter 15: Beating Swords into Plowshares: The Role of Agricultural Colonization in Imperial Histories
Melissa S. Rosenzweig

Chapter 16: After Deportation
Azer Keskin and Reinhard Bernbeck

Chapter 17: Imperial Bodies: Sex and Bodily Hygiene in the Early Assyrian Empire
Bleda Düring

Chapter 18: The Role of Institutions in Imperial Formations in the Andes
Patrick Ryan Williams

Chapter 19: Inca Aesthetic and Ideological Signals in the Imperial Heartland (Cuzco, Peru)
R. Alan Covey

Chapter 20: Putting the Horse Before the Cart: Timelines and Cadences in Archaeological Data Publishing
Sarah Witcher Kansa and Eric C. Kansa




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