Monday, October 23, 2023

TLHdig: Thesaurus Linguarum Hethaeorum digitalis – Beta Version

TLHdig is an open, growing digital repository for the presentation of standard-compliant, searchable, and annotated transliterations of cuneiform manuscripts from Hittite tablet collections.
As a peer-reviewed, living archive of cuneiform manuscripts in transliteration, TLHdig is a collaborative, low-threshold research tool that enables researchers to add transliterations of yet unpublished cuneiform texts to a comprehensive digital corpus in an easy manner, without providing a definitive text edition. Thus the epigraphical and philological quality of the data contained in TLHdig is uneven and under constant development.
TLHdig is a community research tool, created by the community of Hittitologists for the community of Hittitologists. TLHdig is neither a dictionary, nor a critical text edition, nor an online journal, but supports, as a fundamental digital tool, any kind of advanced philological, lexicographical, and grammatical research on the language, history, and culture of the Hittites.
The TLHdig Beta Version published in September 2023 contains transliterations of more than 21,000 tablets and fragments. The full version of TLHdig, with a comprehensive coverage of all published texts, will be launched in 2024. These transliterations were not created by TLHdig, but reflect the collective endeavour of a century of Hittitological research.






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