Thursday, October 5, 2023

Vööbus Syriac Manuscript Collection

The Vööbus Syriac Manuscript Collection is now available online.
  • Countries

    Egypt, India, Iraq, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and more
  • Date Range

    7th-20th centuries
  • Number

    60,000+ images currently scanned, most of which show two pages
  • Languages

  • Curator

    Dr. Josh Mugler, Curator of Eastern Christian and Islamic Manuscripts
"How did I conceive the idea to become engaged in exploration work in search for unknown manuscripts in the Orient? I had no interest in adventures as such, much less in travelling; but all was prompted by my various extensive research projects, which compelled me to search for new pathways and open up new plateaus. Thus, against the assurances that in the field of Syriac literature, all the records are in the great libraries in Rome, London, Paris and Berlin, I left the axiom for others and wanted to look myself into the actual situation." – Arthur Vööbus, "On the Pathways of the Syrian Orient in Pursuit of Manuscript Treasures" (1982), 5.


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