Tuesday, October 31, 2023

La vita della città di Cupra Maritima attraverso le iscrizioni

Simona Antolini
Università di Macerata

 The text present a picture of the city life of the Roman municipium of Cupra Maritima. The epigraphy is a privileged source to know the historical and political events, the institutional structure, the public and private daily life of the individual communities. A selection of inscriptions, found in the ancient ager and preserved in various museum, sheds light on many aspects of the life of the city: religion, relations with the central power, evergetism, senatorial properties, middle-class interests, Christianism.


Editore: UniorPress

Collana: Fuori Collana

Pagine: 32

Lingua: Italiano

ISBN-13 (15)


Data di pubblicazione (01)





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