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Open Access Journal: Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization

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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization
ISSN: 0083-4300
Online-ISSN: 2449-867X
Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization were created in 1991 as an irregular series which in the first place served as a forum for the presentation of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology and studies provided by its researchers. The series was originated by professor Joachim Śliwa, who was also its first Editor in Chief, and since 2010 this function has been fulfilled by professor Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka. Since vol. 10 (2007) SAAC has become a regular yearly periodical. Until present fifteen volumes have been published, among them two monographic studies (vols. 3 and 11, the latter being Pontika 2006 conference proceedings edited by E. Papuci-Władyka) and three volumes dedicated to distinguished researchers from our Institute on occasion of their jubilees (vols. 8 – professor Maria Ludwika Bernhard, 14 – professor Joachim Śliwa and 15 – professor Janusz A. Ostrowski). SAAC publishes papers in the fields of archaeology, art and civilization of ancient Egypt, the Near East, Greece and its colonies, Cyprus and Rome, as well as other, non-Mediterranean ancient civilizations, and also in history of archaeology, collecting of antiquities and reception of ancient culture in modern Europe. Special attention is being given to topics concerning predynastic and early-dynastic Egypt, the Greek and Roman periods in the Black Sea region, and archaeology of Cyprus, due to the excavations conducted by researchers from our Institute in these areas. Objects and artefacts from these excavations are being published in SAAC.
  • Issue No. 22
/2018 Cover
  • Year: 2018
  • Number: 22
Articles list
Several Remarks About the Near-Eastern Contribution to Early Archaic Greek Warfare
Hinged Fibulae from Halae in the Collection of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens
In Search of a Paphian Lost Circular Building
Petra – Holy City from the Perspective of Art, Architecture, inscriptions and Other Features
Aegean Wine Imports to the City of Rome (1st century BC – 3rd century AD)
From Democracy to Oligarchy – the Role of the Civic Elite Within the Community in Roman Delphi
Roman Gems in the National Soares dos Reis Museum in Oporto
Some Remarks on the Ivy Leaf Lamp Found in Ptolemais
"Commentatio tertia, nummaria" by Johann Peter Titius. A Contribution to the Knowledge of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins in the 17th-century Gdańsk Academic Gymnasium
Three-dimensional Stratigraphy Reconstruction and GIS – Postprocessing Issues in Archaeological field 3D Documentation

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