Saturday, September 19, 2020

Open Access Classics Dissertations at Duke University

Open Access Classics Dissertations at Duke University
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  • A Commentary on Ovid's Ceyx and Alcyone Narrative (Met. XI.410-748) 

    Kim, Young Eun (2015)
    This thesis seeks to analyze the longest story in Ovid's Metamorphoses, tale of Alcyone and Ceyx. Despite its length, its placement within the entire work, and the presence of the work's eponymous hero, Morpheus, the Alcyone's ...
  • Adaptation and Tradition in Hellenistic Sacred Laws 

    Austino, Chad Erik (2012)
    This dissertation examines the adaptability of civic cults during the Hellenistic period. Faced with shifting populations, increasing social tensions, economic changes, and political pressures, Hellenistic communities devised ...
  • Athenian Democracy on Paper 

    Aldrup-MacDonald, John P (2018)
    Thousands of public records survive from democratic Athens. Nearly all of them are inscribed on stone (or more rarely metal). A century and more of study has revealed that these inscriptions were the tip of the iceberg. ... 

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