Tuesday, October 24, 2023


GigaMesh is an Open Source software framework for displaying, processing and visualizing large meshes representing 2D surfaces typically acquired with 3D scanning techniques like Structure from Motion (SfM) or structured light scanning (SLS).

GigaMesh can be operated with a graphical user interface (GUI) providing an addtional command line interface (CLI) for mass processing of 3D datasets. The GUI based on OpenGL and Trolltech Qt, and features the possibility of a fast and easy display and analysis of high-resolution 3D models.

Additional information can be found on ResearchGate and (YT) YouTube. Follow GigaMesh on Mastodon or X (Twitter). The source code is available on GitLab.

3D Cuneiform benchmark data created with GigaMesh: HeiCuBeDa for machine learning and HeiCu3Da for easy online browsing and viewing. Cuneiform characters have been extracted for CNN training purposes and digital paeleography and is available as MaiCuBeDa. Usage and baseline are described in the FCGLab's ICCV'23 contribution (pre-print).


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