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Open Access Journal: Diogenes

ISSN: 2054-6696
Launched in January 2014, Diogenes (ISSN 2054-6696) is a peer-review and open-access journal edited by the postgraduate students at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham. This collaboration of postgraduate students aims at providing a venue at which postgraduate students can further develop their research ideas and communicate them to a general audience.

The unique combination of research interests at the Centre brings together the often separate fields of Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies. We look forward to any article that actively engages with any of these fields, from universities in the UK and abroad.

It is published twice a year: in April and October.
Diogenes Issue 3 April 2015
Issue 3 (Whole)
Wei-sheng Lin: Editorial
Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger: Review – Striking Images, Iconoclasms Past and Present
Joseph Parsonage: Review – The Byzantine world
Michael Strain: Review – The Author in Middle Byzantine Literature: Modes, Functions, and Identities
Georgia Tsatsani: Review – Re-imagining the Past: Antiquity and Modern Greek Culture
Tomoo Uegaki: Review – ビザンツ 交流と共生の千年帝国
Like Zhang: Review – 普罗科比的世界 —— 六世纪的拜占庭帝国
Üzeyir Serdar Serdaroğlu: Supplementum – Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) Annual Meeting for Ottoman Studies

Diogenes Issue 2 October 2014
Issue 2 (Whole)
Wei-sheng Lin: Editorial
Murat Issi: Οι σκέψεις των Νεο-Οθωμανών περί του Ισλάμ
Styliani Lepida: The poll tax (cizye) in Cyprus during the 17th century: A depiction for the administration of its revenue
Dimos Ntentos: Όψεις αυτοαναφορικότητας στην Expeditio Persica του Γεωργίου Πισίδη
Gözde Önder: Ceramics and Carpets: Icons of Cultural Exchange between Venice and the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century
Rebecca Darley: Review – Experiencing Byzantium: papers from the 44th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Newcastle and Durham, April 2011
Jason Fossella: Review – The Byzantine Imperial Acts to Venice, Pisa and Genoa, 10th – 12th Centuries
Qiang Li: Review – Οι Τούρκοι ανάμεσα στην Κίνα και το Βυζάντιο (552-659 μ.Χ.)
Like Zhang: Review – 拜占庭帝国通史
Annika Asp-Talwar / Jeffrey Brubaker / Matthew Kinloch / Wei-sheng Lin: Supplementum – Byzantine Thirteenth Century Day Wrap-up, 13 May 2014
Matthew Kinloch: Supplementum – South-Western Turkey in the 13th and 21st Centuries
Gemma Masson: Supplementum – Outreach Workshops in Ottoman History
Andrea Mattiello: Supplementum – Cappadocia in Context 2014 – a report

Diogenes Issue 1 January 2014
Issue 1 (Whole)
Wei-sheng Lin: Editorial

Zuzana Černáková: Prejudices, Emotions and Power of Political Restraint: A Study in the Second Crusade

Elli Evangelidou: The Representation of the Greek Civil War in Eleni and The Heroic Age

Alexandros Siapkas: Different academic approaches towards the British intervention in Greece (1941-1944). A synopsis

Yannis Stamos: Of pleasure and sorrow: Two modern Greek Epicurean poems

Niki Touriki: Ekphrasis in the Alexiad

Gemma Norman: Review – Christine Woodhead (ed.), The Ottoman World

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