Saturday, February 3, 2024

Kyprianos Update (2 February 2024)

A drawing, perhaps of Zomiz, king of the djinn, from PCM I 21 (P. Heid. Inv. Kopt. 680; KYP M313/T229), tracing by Julia Schwarzer.

After a big year preparing the first volume of the Papyri Copticae Magicae (PCM), we’ve finally had time to post a new update to the Kyprianos Database of Ancient Ritual Texts and Objects.

As well as the usual corrections and updates, the contents of this update include:

  • 21 new manuscript entries, bringing the total to 1121.
    • We have also updated all of the manuscript sigla, allowing the manuscripts to be searched by their PCM numbers (for example, PCM I 28).
  • 14 new text entries, bringing the total to 248.
    • These include all of the texts in the first volume of the Papyri Copticae Magicae, including, for example, PCM 1 21 (KYP T229), an invocation of Zomiz, the king of the Djinn, pictured above. The editions may be slightly different from their published versions, though; we will be updating them to reflect our final versions over the next year.
  • 14 new image tracings, bringing the total to 62.

For anyone who would like to access the raw data, remember that the Manuscripts and Texts tables may be downloaded from the Database Help page (“About the Kyprianos Database”) in the form of CSV files.


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