Saturday, February 17, 2024

CTT - Conservation of Theban Temples and Tombs: Symposium proceedings February 2016, Luxor

Christina Verbeek & Susanne Brinkmann (Editors)


Conservation of Wall Paintings in the Valley of the Queens

Stephen Rickerby & Lori Wong

The Conservation of the Tomb Chapel of Sennefer TT 96 A

Hugues Tavier & Bianca Madden

Conservation Project TT 110 (Tomb of Djehuty)

El Sayed M. El Bana & Ahmed S. Shoeab - Cairo University
Khadija Adam - ARCE

Conservación y de Restauración del ataúd de Neb

Pia Rodriguez Frade

Conservation Work at the Temple of Amenhotep III at Thebes

Hourig Sourouzian, Elena Mora Ruedas, Maria Antonia Moreno Cifuentes, Miguel Angel Lopez Marcos

The Conservation Specifities of an Archeological Site as Karnak

Camille Bourse

Laser Cleaning of Ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings in the Tomb of Neferhotep TT49

Susanne Brinkmann & Christina Verbeek



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