Thursday, February 15, 2024

Egyptology and Popular Culture

Can television shows, cinema, comics, advertising, or genre fiction literature become sources of study at the service of the academic researcher in the Humanities?

This question is applied in our project to the specific case of Ancient Egypt, whose recreations in the so-called popular culture are abundant. The subject is still under discussion, and in the past three last decades alone, significant changes have begun to emerge, contributing to the promotion of cultural reception studies in the field of Egyptology.

This exploratory project aims to promote these studies by creating a space for multidisciplinary scientific debate and exchange. This collaborative initiative will be channelled through the creation of a database and a scientific network, both unparalleled, which can be used as an essential source for future research nationally and internationally. It also seeks to provide new approaches to the multiple recreations of Ancient Egypt in contemporary popular culture.

During the project implementation period, team members and collaborators will be responsible for entering information on popular culture works that refer, explicitly or implicitly, to Egyptian civilisation. In addition, the IT platform will allow the exchange between organisers and users in order to continuously supply it with new content and comments. At the same time, the transversal analysis of these and other documental and visual sources will be essential to organise training courses and

conferences, and publish a collective monograph.

The project’s plan and methodologies are grounded on the interdisciplinarity inherent to Digital Humanities, which will develop here on two fronts:

(1) the construction of a data analysis infrastructure,

(2) the digital dissemination of its results in a public domain website, the publication of an open-access book, and the organisation and participation in other dissemination activities, such as a hybrid training course.

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