Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Ancient World Mapping Center Interactive

Produced by the Ancient World Mapping Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, AWMC Interactive allows users to explore geospatial data from the Center and its partners without the need for specialized GIS software or training. The map features multiple datasets which users can switch on and off using the Map Layers button, as well as a search feature to help find individual sites. 

The successor to Antiquity à la Carte (which went offline in December 2023), AWMC Interactive is currently available for beta testing as a prototype. While we have done our best to ensure that the application functions properly, this is a work in progress and errors may occur. Please contact awmc@unc.edu with any issues, suggestions, or questions.

AWMC Interactive was designed and built by Grace Bell, with assistance from Joyce Ebhodaghe and the staff of the Ancient World Mapping Center. In addition to material from the Center itself, data is provided courtesy of the Pleiades Gazetteer, the Consortium of Ancient World Mappers, and OpenStreetMap. Special thanks go to Richard Talbert, Tom Elliott, Henry Gruber, and Philip McDaniel for their advice and feedback. The AWMC Interactive project is directed by Gabriel Moss.


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