Sunday, March 10, 2024

Antigone: An Open Forum For Classics

 [First posted in AWOL 23 May 2021, updated 10 March 2024]

Antigone is a new and open forum for Classics in the twenty-first century.

Our articles will dust down the Ancient Greeks and Romans and bring them into fresh conversation with modern-day readers of all ages. We are fascinated by and passionate about Graeco-Roman antiquity and wish to introduce as many people as possible to its thrills and its spills, its charms and its challenges.

Classics is an enormously rich and varied discipline: we are committed to sharing, in an intelligent and accessible form, the joys of ancient languages, literature, history, philosophy, religion, art and architecture.

Antigone is an experiment in open learning. We wish to debate complex issues with balance and nuance. We encourage feedback and constructive criticism from our readers, as well as ideas for articles that will continue the conversation. In particular, we welcome possible answers to questions that we cannot answer ourselves. Our aim is always to encourage curiosity, foster discussion and find our collective way through the labyrinth of ideas, without knowing where exactly we will end up.

Most importantly, the contributors to Antigone are united by a love of Classics. To be sure, not every idea from Classical antiquity deserves to be defended, and we enthusiastically invite critical analysis of those that may be wrong. On the whole, however, our writers do seek to uphold and promote ideals that held sway thousands of years ago: open enquiry, robust debate and the unfettered exploration of ideas.

Our guidelines for contributors can be found here, and our launch press release here. We are still in the process of allocating editorial roles based upon time available, and look forward to saying more as soon as we can.



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