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Greek Polytheism: A Historical Subject: Inaugural lecture delivered at the Collège de France on Thursday 7 December 2017

Greek Polytheism: A Historical Subject

Greek polytheism was not a simple collection of juxtaposed gods and goddesses, but a complex interplay between deities at different levels – local, regional and panhellenic. Significant evidence – combining literary, epigraphic, archaeological and iconographic sources – has profoundly renewed the study of Greek polytheism and made it a relevant subject to understand ancient societies from both a historical and anthropological perspective. Greek religion is deeply embedded in unexpected areas and bringing it to the fore helps to enrich our understanding of the ancient Greek world.

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  • Éditeur : Collège de France
  • Collection : Leçons inaugurales
  • Lieu d’édition : Paris
  • Année d’édition : 2024
  • Publication sur OpenEdition Books : 29 mars 2024
  • EAN électronique : 978-2-7226-0740-8
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.cdf.16709
Thomas Römer
Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge
Greek Polytheism: A Historical Subject

Inaugural lecture delivered at the Collège de France on Thursday 7 December 2017



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