Wednesday, January 26, 2022

New Open Access Monograph Series: Chronoi: Zeit, Zeitempfinden, Zeitordnungen / Time, Time Awareness, Time Management

Funded by: Einstein Center Chronoi 
Edited by: Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum, Christoph Markschies and Hermann Parzinger
ISSN: 2701-1453
e-ISSN 2701-1461
series: Chronoi
Chronoi: Time, Time Awareness, Time Management is a book series that presents the work of the Einstein Center Chronoi. The center is dedicated to the investigation of time and time-related subjects such as time awareness, time management, time perception, and temporality from interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.


book: Aber die Zeit fürchtet die Pyramiden
Book Open Access 2022
Volume 4 in this series
book: Time for the Ancients
Book Open Access 2022
Volume 3 in this series
book: Subjektive und objektive Zeit
Book Open Access 2021
Volume 2 in this series

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