Thursday, December 2, 2021

Open Access Journal: DABIR: Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review

[First posted in AWOL 10 October 2014, updated 2 Deceber 2021]

DABIR: Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review
Dabir Journal
The Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review (DABIR) is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal published by the Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture at the University of California, Irvine. DABIR aims to quickly and efficiently publish brief notes and reviews relating to the pre-modern world in contact with Iran and Persianate cultures. The journal accepts submissions on art history, archaeology, history, linguistics, literature, manuscript studies, numismatics, philology and religion, from Jaxartes to the Mediterranean and from the Sumerian period through to and including the Safavid era (3500 BCE-1500 CE). Work dealing with later periods can be considered on request.

Issue 01
Issue 02
Issue 03
Issue 04
Issue 05
Issue 06 [Hanns-Peter Schmidt Gedenkschrift]
Issue 07 [Special Issue: Hellenism and Iran]
Issue 08
Issue 09 [Special Issue: Discussions in Assyriology] 


Book Reivews

Issue 10 (CfP)

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