Monday, March 11, 2024

Open Access Journal: Clotho

[First posted in AWOL 23 January 2021, updated 11 March 2024]
Print ISSN: 2670-6210
Online ISSN: 2670-6229
Named after the youngest of the Parcae, Clotho got its name after the deity responsible for spinning the thread of life; thus the journal seeks to create a new space of creativity, exploration, and learning in the field of classical studies. Wilamowitz famously defined classical scholarship “by its subject-matter – Graeco-Roman civilization in its essence and in every facet of its existence.” Following in those footsteps, Clotho welcomes exploring Greek and Latin language – lexicography, grammar, and the broader issues of linguistics. It seeks to investigate the traditional fields of classical studies, literature, textual criticism, rhetoric, philosophy, and history; as well as archaeology, numismatics, epigraphy, papyrology, and paleography. Above all, the journal is committed to the idea of interdisciplinarity. As such, it accepts antiquity-related contributions from the spheres of art, music, science, religion, and law; as well as the classical tradition and classical reception, history of classical scholarship, and last but foremost, translation.

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