Sunday, December 24, 2023

Archival City Jerusalem- 3D modeling Jerusalem’s Maghrebi Quarter

Authors : Raphael Banc-Lévêque, Vincent Lemire and 3D Research Srl  
This dataset has been produced in the framework of the I-SITE Future-funded research project Archival City Project. It is referred to with the alphanumeric code ACJ01_RB3D, where AC stands for Archival City project, J01 refers to the first data set of the Jerusalem study field and RB3D refers to the authors of the research paper describing the dataset. The various elements of the dataset are detailed in the finding aid document ACJ01_FA_01_RB3D available both in CSV and Excel formats. This dataset contains personal data and photographic archives subject to copyright restrictions. Users wishing to view "embargoed" images must make a formal request to Vincent Lemire (


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