Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Approaching Jerusalem

Approaching Jerusalem is for everyone, like myself, who has spent time in Jerusalem and left wanting more. This newsletter aims to be a trove of accessible writing about the ancient and living city, including its geographical setting, history, exploration, archaeology and excavation history, architecture, peoples, and more. Articles on this platform aim to be both an extension of the modern quest to understand ancient Jerusalem and a reflection on how the drive to exert control over its past has influenced the city we experience today.

The title, Approaching Jerusalem, is an epistemological encouragement to consider how we aught to think about such a city, as well as a reminder that, no matter our expertise or experience, Jerusalem can never be fully mastered. On the other hand, regardless of our entry point into the study of Jerusalem, a city so rich always has more with which to imbue, captivate, and enliven. There is enough for each of us to find our own rootedness and sense of belonging in such a storied and wonderful place.


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