Friday, December 22, 2023

Normalized Datasets of Zahn’s, van Manen’s, and Harnack’s Greek Reconstructions of Marcion’s Apostolos

Bilby, Mark G.; Bull, Jack; Lotharp, K. Lance
These six datasets are the first born-digital, normalized, lexicographically enriched, and peer-reviewed versions of Marcion's Apostolos as reconstructed respectively by Theodor Zahn, Willem Christiaan van Manen, and Adolf von Harnack. Two dataset files were generated for each reconstruction: the first consisting of human-readable Postclassical Greek; the second of lemmatized and morphologically tagged text following the openly licensed BibleWorks Greek Morphology schema. These datasets represent another batch in a series of normalized and enriched datasets of major reconstructions of Marcion's scriptures. (2023-07-22)




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