Saturday, December 23, 2023

Research Database of All Publically Available Samples of Gandharan Palettes/Toilet Trays

Nikolaou, Christos 

A CSV, xlsx and Accdb file containing an inventory list with all public records of Gandhara Palettes with associated data such as recorded provenance based on publications and museum catalogues, general descriptions of the material involved in each palette's construction, as well as periodization based on said publications. In addition, phasing is provided to enable for comparative analysis of various descriptions. In addition, links to museum catalogues are povided, as are citations and descriptions of the data itself. All data was collected from relevant bibliography such as excavation reports, previously compiled lists and museum catalogues to provide a new and updated list of the palettes, alongside important contextual information for future studies.

This version has been updated as follows: This most recent update has added information on the regional and local provenance of the palettes at hand. It also contains further qualitative information in terms of the fragmentation of the palettes, as well as possible religious and mythological interpretations. The chronology has been streamlined and re-organized to make it more usable for statistical analysis, as well as providing a column describing the nature of compartments as well as additional information on the nature of the scenes (whether they show a narrative or an event).

Software / Usage instructions
Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel
Religion, Art, Hybridity, Gandhara, Kushans, Bactria


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