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Greek and Roman writers had a lot to say about their myths. More of it should be accessible online.

Canopos is an experiment in collaborative digital scholarship

a repository for peer-reviewed translations of mythographic texts


Anonymous, On Unbelievable Stories

A mythographic miscellany dating from after the 5th century AD, containing rationalizing and allegorical material.

Translation by Greta Hawes

Available on Scaife Viewer

Heracleitos, On Unbelievable Stories

A collection of 39 rationalizing and allegorical treatments of individual myths, dating to the late 1st or 2nd centuries AD

Translation by Billie Hall, Greta Hawes, Tate Jenetsky, Rosemary Selth, and Aaron Wallis

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Available on Scaife Viewer, and Topostext

Palaiphatos, On Unbelievable Stories

A methodological description of mythic rationalization and 46 examples of the technique applied to individual myths, dating probably to the 340s or 330s BC

Translation by Hugo Branley, Billie Hall, Greta Hawes, Tate Jenetsky, Liam Maldoni, Daniel Prestipino, and Rosemary Selth

Available on Scaife Viewer

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Ps-Plutarch, On the Naming of Rivers and Mountains

A work of creative mythography which purports to explain how rivers and mountains got their names, and describes the miraculous stones and plants found in and on them. Dates probably to the 2nd century AD

Translation by Greta Hawes, Sonia Pertsinidis, and Charles Delattre

Available on Scaife Viewer

Canopos is directed by Greta Hawes

We gratefully acknowledge the Center for Hellenic Studies, Perseus, and Topostext in providing digital support and assistance for this project.

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