Friday, December 8, 2023

Ghent Database of Roman Guilds and Occupation-Based Communities (GDRG)

Welcome to the website of the Ghent Database of Roman Guilds and Occupation-Based Communities (GDRG), an off-spring of a research project funded by the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) on craftsmen guilds (fabri) in the Roman world 2014-2018) and on inland water transport in the Roman world (2016-2020), with support from the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities.

The team behind the GDRG consisted of Prof. dr. Koenraad Verboven (project director), Luka Tjampens (data input and control), and Gerben Verbrugghe (GIS). The MySQL version and website was built by Cliff BeeckmanPieterjan De Potter, and Hans Blomme of the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities.

Acknowledgments are due to:

  •, from where the CSV files with geographic information were downloaded. (Erroneous co-ordinates were corrected where necessary. Places not in the Pleiades CSV files were added.)
  • Ancient World Mapping Centre, which provided us with the basemap and shapefiles of provincial boundaries, roads and rivers. (here too: the shapefiles were corrected where necessary).

The copyright status of this resource is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International Creative Commons-Licentie

More information regarding the aims and the contents of the database is available on the About section of this site.

Version history

  • v 1.0: 2019, April: launch of the website; contains information only on the tria collegia principalia, the fabri, the centonarii, and the dendrophori. Person records are largely limited to the fabri. Place records (non searchable) are still largely empty. The quality-level is to be considered as 'aspiring-beta'. Technical errors should be minimal, but content quality control is still ongoing
  • v1.1: 2020, April: error in the date filters has been resolved. A permalink (URI) is added to the records. Translation are still being added. The fabri have all been finished.

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