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Open Access Journal: Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology

[First posted in AWOL 14 June 2017, updated 2 August 2021]

Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology
ISSN: 2360-266X
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The Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology is seeking to publish profound, rigorous, well-written, high-quality, high-impact papers to generate discussion, debate, fresh perspective.
The research area is the European continent and the Near East in the Greek-Roman times. The topics are: ancient history, ancient philology, epigraphy, papyrology, numismatics, archaeological material, archaeological reports, digital archaeology, archaeometry, reviews.

We intend to have four issues per year

We strongly encourage the interdisciplinary or ‘bridge-building’ approach of different academic disciplines

We will use a peer-review system.

The readers will have free access and a pdf version of the published materials will be available for download.

We want to make the Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology a ‘must read’ publication for those who want to learn more about Ancient History.

Ancient History

Annamária Izabella Pázsint
Ioan Carol Opriș


Dmitriy N. KHMELEVSKIY, Valeriy V. KRUTILOV, Maria V Novichenkova

Archaeological material

Marius-Mihai Ciută, Colin P. Quinn, Radu V. Totoianu
Victor Sava, Adrian Ursuțiu
Alexander K. Harizanov
Stanislav Grigoriev

Digital and Virtual Archaeology

Valeriu Sirbu, Dan Stefan, Maria Magdalena Stefan, Eugen Silviu Teodor, Ionel Candea, Alexandru Popa, Sebastian Matei, Dragos Mandescu, Lucica Savu, Roxana Munteanu, Dan Buzea, Valeri Kavruk, Costi Croitoru, Stanica Pandrea, Calin Suteu, Bogdan Ciuperca, Daniel Garvan, Aurel Vîlcu, Theodor Isvoranu

Book Reviews

Csaba Szabó
Mihaela Gligor



Vol 6, No 1 (2019): JAHA


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