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Open Access Journal: Opuscula: Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome

[First posted in AWOL 14 September 2012, updated 24 May 2024]

Opuscula: Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome


Opuscula is published yearly by the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome. First issued in 2008 (no. 1), Opuscula replaces the annuals Opuscula Atheniensia and Opuscula Romana published by the Swedish Institute at Athens and the Swedish Institute in Rome respectively.
The annual contains articles within classical archaeology, ancient history, art, architecture and philology, as well as book reviews within these subjects. Reports of fieldwork carried out under the supervision of the Institutes at Athens and Rome are regularly reported on in the Opuscula.
The annual welcomes contributions pertaining to the ancient Mediterranean world (prehistory to Late Antiquity) and the Classical tradition and drawing on archaeological, historical and philological studies; also, contributions dealing with later periods in the areas, especially in the fields of art, architecture, history and cultural heritage.
Opuscula is a refereed periodical, available in print and with Open Access six months after publication.

Opuscula 16 | 2023


Peter M. Fischer & Teresa Bürge et al. | The New Swedish Cyprus Expedition (The Söderberg Expedition): Excavations at Hala Sultan Tekke autumn 2021 and spring 2022. Preliminary results

Maria Vaiopoulou, Robin Rönnlund, Fotini Tsiouka, Johan Klange, Derek Pitman, Rich Potter, Ian Randall, Harry Manley, Elisabet Schager, Sotiria Dandou & Lewis Webb | The Palamas Archaeological project. A preliminary report of the 2022 fieldwork conducted by the ongoing Greek–Swedish archaeological field programme in Palamas, region of Karditsa, Thessaly

Stelios Ieremias & Robin Rönnlund | A preliminary report on sculptures and figurative terracottas found at the site of Vlochos, region of Karditsa, Thessaly

Robin Rönnlund | An overlooked 2nd century BC decree by the polis of the Orthieians, Thessaly

Anna Tornberg | The humans of ancient Hermione. The necropolis in the light of bioarchaeology

Linda Talatas | Statuettes of pregnant sows from Knidos. New light on the cult of Demeter

Hüseyin Uzunoglu & N. Eda Akyürek Sahin | New Greek inscriptions from Akmoneia and its territory

Pawel Golyzniak | Hieronymus Odam, engraved gems and antiquarianism

Christian Klose | Johan Niklas Byström and the so-called Venus of Stockholm. New research on a presumably lost sculpture

Lovisa Brännstedt & Lewis Webb | Review article. Gender in ancient Rome: New directions and voices

Book reviews

Dissertation abstracts 2022–2023

Opuscula 15 | 2022

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