Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Open Access Journal: Archaeological inscriptions

Print ISSN: 2974-4016
Online ISSN: 2974-4024

  • The Journal “Archaeological inscriptions” is a scientifically reviewed journal, that focuses on old inscriptions and historical scripts. The journal is interested in old inscriptions, historical scripts, and related science. The journal is issued by “The Center of Historical Epigraphy and Inscriptions Studies” in Arabic and English. The manuscripts will be reviewed by Egyptian and international experts. Please, keep in mind that your contributions will send to the website of the journal as follows (https://archin.journals.ekb.eg/).
  • The articles should be in their final version according to the rules of the journal. If necessary, the authors have to introduce all the requested permissions of the content before the evaluation process.  The contributors have to comply to the ethics of the journal.

Volume 2, Issue 2, January 2024 


Volume 1 (2023)

نقوش السكة وقراءة التاريخ

Pages 95-186

عاطف منصور محمد رمضان

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