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Open Access Journal: Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin

[First posted in AWOL 9 November 2012, updated 2 April 2020]

Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin
ISSN: 1369-5770
Sudan \& Nubia No.17
Sudan & Nubia is published each autumn. It contains much of interest on recent archaeological fieldwork in Sudan, including many articles on surveys and excavations only undertaken during the previous winter.

The bulletin is an ideal way to keep abreast of current British activities in Sudan, and also contains contributions by eminent foreign scholars. It is profusely illustrated with line drawings and monochrome and colour photographs.

Sudan & Nubia is free of charge to Society members, who receive it a year in advance of online release … JOIN THE SOCIETY >

Individual articles can be read (free) through the online reading service ISSUU by following the links below. If a download is preferred, sign up to ISSUU, which will then provide download links (free).

Most recent available issue online:
Sudan & Nubia : No. 21
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2017
222 pages
Cover, index, map, obituaries, reviewsdownload [ 1.2Mb ]
Anderson, Julie R., Rihab Khidir elRasheed and Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. QSAP Dangeil 2016: Aspelta, Beloved of Re’-Harakhty and Tombs in the Templedownload [ 596k ]
Baker, Brenda J., and Schellinger, M. The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project — Fourth Cataract. Preliminary Investigation of a Recently Discovered Fort in the ASU BONE Concession near el-Qinifab, Sudandownload [ 496k ]
Budka, Julia. The 18th Dynasty on Sai Island — new data from excavations in the town area and cemetery SAC5
download [ 603k ]
Danys, Katarzyna and Zielinska, Dobrochna. Alwan art. Towards an insight into the aesthetics of the Kingdom of Alwa through the painted pottery decorationdownload [ 979k ]
Davies, W. Vivian. Recording Egyptian rock-inscriptions at Jebel Dosha and in the Batn el-Hajar, the 2016 season
download [ 792k ]
Fantusati, Eugenio and Baldi, Marco. SARS, from inception to the present day: a summarydownload [ 127k ]
Fulcher, Kate. Evidence for the use of madder as a pigment in Nubiadownload [ 256k ]
Ginns, Andrew and Vlemincq-Mendieta, Tatiana. Excavations within the Kushite Cemetery at Kawa: The excavations and grave inventory; Bioarchaeological analysisdownload [ 470k ]
Grzymski, Krzysztof. The Amun Temple at Meroe Revisiteddownload [ 920k ]
Haaland, Randi. Kirwan Memorial Lecture: Nile Valley archaeology and Darfur ethnography: the impact of women on cultural evolution. A personal reflectiondownload [ 1.1Mb ]
Knoblauch, Christian and Bestock, Laurel. Evolving Communities: The Egyptian fortress on Uronarti in the Late Middle Kingdomdownload [ 683k ]
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. Archaeological Survey along the Berber-Suakin Caravan Route: Preliminary Report
download [ 463k ]
Manzo, Andrea. The Territorial Expanse of the Pan-Grave culture thirty years laterdownload [ 606k ]
McLean, Iain. Human intervention in the landscape through ancient mining: a regional study applying satellite imagery
download [ 1Mb ]
Murtada Bushara, Mohamed Saad AbdAllah and Mohmoud Suliman Bashir. Between Napata and Meroe: a newly discovered cemetery at Enapis (TARP) in the Middle Nile region
download [ 359k ]
Näser, Claudia; Weschenfelder, Jens; Janotte, Lilli; Kossatz, Kay; and Osman Khaleel Elawad Karrar. Return to the Fourth Nile Cataract: Fieldwork on Sherari Island, 2016download [ 634k ]
Perna, Valentina. Gergaf Pottery (16th-18th century AD). A Typologydownload [ 861k ]
Varadzinová, Lenka and Varadzin, Ladislav. Sabaloka (West Bank) Research Project: Exploration of the site of Sphinx (SBK.W-60): findings of the 2014 and 2015 field seasonsdownload [ 1.3Mb ]
Welsby Sjöström, Isabella. El-Khandaq — the town in the light of some Western pre-modern sourcesdownload [ 346k ]
Yahia Fadl Tahir, Huda Abdalla Khalid, Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen and Fatma Idris Mahmoud. Bone Harpoons Recovered from El-Ga’ab Depression Western Sahara (Sudan): Shape Attributes and Morphometric Analysisdownload [ 334k ]
Zach, Michael H. A Remark on the ‘Akinidad’ Stela REM 1003 (British Museum EA 1650)download [ 307k ]
S&N 20… Sudan & Nubia : No. 20
Sudan & Nubia : No. 20
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2016
180 pages
 Ahmed Hamid Nassr. Sennar Capital of Islamic Culture 2017 Project. Preliminary results of archaeological surveys in Sennar East and Sabaloka East (Archaeology Department of Al-Neelain University concessions)  download [ 658k ]
 Anderson, J., Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed, Amani Nureldaim Mohamed and Elghazafi Yousif Eshag. Royal Regalia: a sword of the last Sultan of Darfur, Ali Dinar  download [ 441k ]
 Cressent, M., and Raimon, A. Inscriptions in the name of governor Neby revealed by the restoration of miniature metal vases
 download [ 563k ]
 Dann, R.J., and Emberling, G. El-Kurru 2015-16: Preliminary Report  download [ 855k ]
 Davies, W.V. Recording Jebel Dosha: the chapel of Thutmose III  download [ 752k ]
 Davies, W.V. The Inscriptions of Senwosret III at the Dal Cataract download [ 421k ]
 Davies, W.V. SARS, from inception to the present day: a summary download [ 127k ]
 Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet and Abdelhai Abdelsawi. Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Survey of Sennar State and the Southern Gezira State Project, (Western bank of the Blue Nile)  download [ 629k ]
 Ginns, A. The 2016 Season of Excavations at Kurgus
 download [ 420k ]
 Grzymski, K. Kirwan Memorial Lecture: Gebel Adda Excavations: The Unfinished Story  download [ 225k ]
 Huber, R., and Edwards, D.N. Gebel Adda and its environs: 50 years on  download [ 2.3Mb ]
 Mahmoud el-Tayeb, Skowronska, E., and Czyzewska, E. Early Makuria Research Project. The Results of Three Seasons of Excavation at El-Zuma Cemetery, 2013, 2014 and 2015
 download [ 2.2Mb ]
 Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. Excavations in the Meroitic Cemetery at Berber, Seasons 2015 and 2016  download [ 299k ]
 Reidel, A., Mahmoud Suliman Bashir, Wolf, P., Murtada Bushara Mohamed, and Kleinitz, C. The Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan – Archaeological Investigation, Conservation and Site Management at Meroe 2015/2016  download [ 818k ]
 Sakamoto, T. The Meroitic Cemetery of Gereif East. A glance into the regional characteristics of Khartoum province
 download [ 4Mb ]
 Tucker, G., and Emberling, G. Settlement in the Heartland of Napatan Kush: Preliminary Results of Magnetic Gradiometry at El-Kurru, Jebel Barkal and Sanam  download [ 540k ]
 Ward, C. Durham University’s Sudan Archive – An overlooked resource in current archaeological research?  download [ 980k ]
 Welsby, D.A. The Sudan Archaeological Research Society; the first 25 years  download [ 406k ]
 Yvanez, E. Textiles and Funerary Rituals. The Wrapping of Offerings at Meroe and el-Hobagi  download [ 636k ]
 Zurawski, B. Filling in the gaps. Excavations on the site of Selib (1st to 13th century)  download [ 1.4Mb ]

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