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Women's Classical Committee: Classical Blogs and Sites by Women

[First posted in AWOL 16 February 2017, updated 22 August 2020]

Women's Classical Committee: Classical Blogs and Sites by Women
The Women’s Classical Committee was founded in the UK in 2015, following the lead of the Women’s Classical Caucus in the USA and the Society for Women in Philosophy in the UK.
Mary Beard – A Don’s Life – ancient history, Rome, academia
Sarah E. Bond – Sarah E. Bond – late antiquity, digital humanities
Virginia L. Campbell – Pompeian Connections – Pompeii, archaeology
A.M. Christensen – Nescio Quid – Rome, Latin, digital humanities
Emma Cole – PhD Vlog – academic life, PhD, Greek drama
Emma Cole – The Conversation (contributor) – Greek literature
Kate Cooper – Kate Antiquity – women, family, religion
Hannah Čulík-Baird – O pietas animi – Latin, Cicero, verse
Susan Deacy Mythology and autism – mythology, autism, pedagogy
Helen Forte – Minimus – Latin, teaching, schools
Liz Gloyn – Classically Inclined – reception, philosophy, teaching
Emma-Jayne Graham and Jessica Hughes – The Votives Project – votives, Roman religion
Edith Hall – The Edithorial – Greece, ancient drama, politics
Edith Hall – Classics and Class (contributor) – history, reception, class
Sophie Hay – Sophie Hay – archaeology, inscriptions, photography
Rebecca Futo Kennedy – Classics at the Intersections – Greek and Roman culture, reception, race and ethnicity
Dorothy King – PhDiva – history, archaeology, academia
Helen King – Wonders and Marvels (contributor) – medicine, science
Helen King – The Conversation (contributor) – medicine, science
Caroline Lawrence – Roman Mysteries and Western Mysteries – reception, writing, Rome
Ellie Mackin – – ancient history, myth, academia
Rachel Mairs – From Hermeneus to Dragoman – interpreters, multilingualism
Rachel Mairs – Hellenistic Far East Bibliography – ancient history, Greek East
Roberta Mazza – Faces and Voices – Egypt, Greece, papyri
Katherine McDonald – – linguistics, ancient languages
Katherine McDonald – Greek in Italy (contributor) – Greek, linguistics, multilingualism
Aven McMaster – The Endless Knot (contributor) – language, history, podcasts
Jaclyn Neel and Mary Franks – The Library of Antiquity – academia, studying classics
Ida Östenburg – Julia Caesar (Swedish) – Roman history, political culture
Clare Pollard – – poetry, Ovid, feminism
Carole Raddato – Following Hadrian – Rome, archaeology, photography
Fiona Radford and Peta Greenfield – The Partial Historians – Roman history, podcasts
Carla Schodde – Found in Antiquity – Latin, Greek, language teaching
Carly Silver – About Ancient History – ancient history, Rome, Greece
Emma Southon – Agrippinilla – Roman history
Diana Spencer – Rome and All That… – Rome, spaces, texts
Victoria Pía Spry-Marqués – Bones and Skulls – archaeology, prehistory
Laurence Totelin – Concocting History – medicine, food, cosmetics
Donna Yates – Anonymous Swiss Collector – art crime, antiquities theft

Other Sites
Sensory Studies in Antiquity – A blog promoting studies of the senses in the ancient world
Blogging Pompeii – Pompeii, Bay of Naples, archaeology
Rogue Classicist – Rogue Classicism – classics from around the web
Classics International (Facebook group)
Classics Outreach (Facebook group)
The Digital Classicist – digital humanities, resources
The History Girls – history, historical fiction
Medieval POC – art history, gender, race
Sensory Studies in Antiquity – senses, multidisciplinary
Sententiae Antiquae – literature, philosophy, ancient world
Tenure She Wrote – women in academia
Trowel Blazers – women in archaeology and paleontology
Alex von Tunzelmann – Reel History – history, film, reception

Further Resources
Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies
Institute of Classical Studies
Society for Women in Philosophy UK
Women’s Classical Caucus USA

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