Monday, August 7, 2023

Petition to Support and Expand the Packard Humanities Institute's Greek Inscriptions Database!

Support and Expand the Packard Humanities Institute's Greek Inscriptions Database!

Why this petition matters

Started by Christina Kokkinia

The Packard Humanities Institute (PHI), over the years, has created a comprehensive database of ancient Greek inscriptions. It's a priceless resource that has been extraordinarily beneficial to an international community of scholars, educators and students. This invaluable tool for studying and appreciating ancient Greek culture and history is accessible to all free of charge.

However, it appears that the upkeep of this valuable resource has slowed down considerably in recent years, and its slow growth and lack of updates have begun to impact its relevance and usefulness. New discoveries and previously overlooked texts from older publications have not been added as frequently as before, leading to a growing concern about the stagnation of this crucial asset for understanding and teaching ancient history.

Contrary to the PHI's impression that their database serves an “extraordinarily small number of expert epigraphers,” we believe that the user base extends beyond this group. Graduate students and teachers of ancient history also use this freely accessible resource regularly. Yet, they may not be vocal about the importance this database holds for them.

We hope to change this with your help.

This petition aims to achieve two key goals:

1. Demonstrate to PHI that the community of those using and benefitting from their Greek Inscriptions Database is not as small as they perceive. The voices and signatures gathered here will underscore the widespread reliance on this unique resource.

2. Persuade PHI to consider adopting a more collaborative model for their online database, akin to a wiki. By allowing experts worldwide to contribute by typing texts and submitting them to the PHI for inclusion in the database, we can ensure its growth and sustainability. This would not only help to revitalize the database but would also open up avenues for scholars across the globe to participate in the preservation and study of ancient history.

Join us in advocating for the expansion and sustainability of this valuable resource. The PHI's Greek Inscriptions Database began with private funding but has become a public good. By signing this petition, you support the evolution of this project into a collaborative effort.

Your signature can help ensure the database's continued relevance.

Thank you for your support.


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